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This is the Main Page for the new Xaterex Multiverse Storyline.



The Xaterex Storyline began when Minish Link, formerly Golden Ignika, archlord and creator of the storyline, created the characters that became Skorpix, Banrax, and Flareus. Soon, Ion, Silencer, and Melnox were created. The stories were set during the Destiny War, and are mostly unknown episodes. The Storyline eventually began to expand...


A year later, Minish and Varkanax39, having been out-of-contact for a while, met up again and began, after a while, to create the layout for the storyline that became the Xaterex Stories Dissolution and Writhing Darkness. Varkanax created the characters Shardak, Kyhrex, Varkanax, and many others. The stories eventually became a series, and eventually an epic, of the dark lord Skorpix, the Shadowy Ones, the Hand of Mata Nui, and many more.

In late 2009 Minish Link discovered the site and told Varkanax about it over the phone, and joined as Golden Ignika. He proceeded to create the articles Elemental Prince and Evolution Sand. Varkanax, however, did not join immediately.


On January 5, 2010, Varkanax39 joined the wiki. The first page he created was Shardak, the following morning. He soon proceeded to make more edits, gaining about 600 in a month. Slowly, the storyline began to expand.

Later that month, Golden Ignika joined Zeldapedia, and changed his username to Minish Link, to reflect the characters in the games. He began using that account to make edits, and, about a month later, returned to the wiki with lots of advanced wiki tricks. However, he never edited that much afterwords, and at 119 edits, left the site. He has not yet returned.

Following Minish's temporary departure, Varkanax took control over the growing pages on the wiki, categorizing them, and writing stories. He is currently in charge of the Xaterex Storyline on this wiki, as well as the Creators of Xaterex, his club.

On October 2, 2010, Minish Link returned and created the story Sub Zero and upgraded many of his MOCs.


Minish Link officially left the wiki for the time being on February 16, 2011, leaving Sub Zero to Varkanax39 and the other uses in the Creators of Xaterex and the storyline to Varkanax39.


Mindeater Era[]

Imperial Era[]


  • The Darkest Light
  • Abyss
  • Fury
  • The Final Prophecy
  • Annihilation

Parts of User:ToaFairon's Arcturus Magna Saga are also canon. However, since TF's departure, it is unknown when and if the series will continue.