Template:SpeciesThe Warlords of Corpse are elite Corpse Lords that serve the Corpse Empire.


Most of the Warlord's history are unknown, but it is known that they were created by Eostra Nihiltian.

After the defeat of the Shadowy Ones, the Warlords came to serve the Corpse Empire.

A small group of Warlords later attacked the Hand of Mata Nui during the Battle of Voidrealm, but were driven back, along with their Corpsian armies.


Most of the Warlords abilities are unknown. It is known that they possess extreme dark power control, as well as the normal Corpsian traits.


Warlords generally carry clawed sickles, as well as powerful, glowing swords.

Known WarlordsEdit

  • A small group of Warlords who led an attack on Hand of Mata Nui agents at Voidrealm.


Corpsian Legion (v|e)
Leaders: Skorpix
Secondary: Windeus
Former Leaders: The Fury
Members: NightshadeShadowbringerFlareusBanraxDarknessFrosteyesDecayFlameRed
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Former Members: Burnarm

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