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Template:Species2A Corpsian is an animated corpse brought to unlife by trapping an elemental demon within.


Corpsian Traits: all Corpsians share the following traits

Regeneration: If a Corpsian looses a limb or body art, it regrows within ten minutes. Corpsians can also attach severed limbs by holding the severed body part to the stump.

Instant Ressurection: Corpsians are nearly impossible to destroy, and usually ressurect shortly after slain. These powers can permanently destroy a Corpsian: Disintegration, Fragmentation, Death, and Annihilation. A character wielding one or more of either the Weapons of Good or the Weapons of Evil can also slay a Corpsian

Corpsian Subtypes[]

  • Charger of Corpse-Rank-and-file Corpsian minions. Created by Eostra.
  • Poisoner of Corpse-Dominion-spreading Corpsians. Created by Lariska.
  • Burning Arm of Corpse-Stupid, weak, useless Corpsians, mostly extinct. Created by Skorpix.
  • Copy of Corpse-Shock troops in Corpsian armies. Created by Skorpix.
  • Aspect of Corpse-Commanders of Corpsian armies. Created by Eostra, though Corpse was created by Skorpix.
  • Annihilator of Corpse-Elite Aspects. Created by Eostra.
  • Corpse's Fury-Leaders of Corpsians and Brilliant Tactitions. Created by Eostra.
  • Exterminator of Corpse-Prototype Assassins. Created by Eostra.
  • Limiter of Corpse-Elite Corpsians. Created by Eostra.
  • Assassin of Corpse-Deadly and Powerful Corpsians. Created by Eostra.
  • Ultimatum of Corpse-The Most Powerful Corpsians of all, If Assassins get nightmares, it's because of the Ultiamtums. Created by Eostra.