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Vaerak was a Toa of Fire and a member of Telex's Toa Team. After being betrayed by Telex and entering the Seas of Blood, Vaerak and his teamate Corridax escaped the Seas, and eventually came into the service of the Xaterex Resistance. After stealing a Xaterex Cruiser, as well as the Shadow Orb, Vaerak and Corridax were attacked by Skorpix's Corpse Fighter. Skorpix's Corpsians soon overwhelmed the Ice Toa guards and Vaerak was killed by Skorpix.



Vaerak, along with three other Matoran, Storm, Telex, and Corridax, were chosen to become Toa by the Island's Turaga.

Eventually Telex betrayed his team, flinging the three toa into the Seas of Blood.

Into the Darkness[]

Vaerak eventually escaped the seas, along with his fellow teamate Corridax, where the two joined the Xaterex Resistance. Under the command of Listra the Toa stole a Xaterex Cruiser carrying the Shadow Orb, and fled. However, they were run down by Skorpix's Corpse Fighter, and Vaerak's three Toa of Ice guards were killed. Vaerak was captured by Skorpix, who questioned the Toa about the whereabouts of the Shadow Orb. Vaerak refused to answer Skorpix, and the Elemental imploded him, killing the Toa. Skorpix took the information of the location of the Shadow Orb from Vaerak's mind, and later attacked Listra, Corridax, and Ion, but was unable to recover the Shadow Orb.

Alternate Forms[]

An alternate Vaerak who had entered the core universe using the mask of life eventually managed to bring it to that universe's Corridax. Eventually Corridax and Vaerak were killed, and the mask of life lost in the Void.

Abilities and Traits[]

Vaerak was cool and composed, unlike most Toa of fire. Like the rest of his Team, he wore no Kanohi, but was able to fire Conflagration Bursts.