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"Yeah, sure"
―Me, on a lot of questions

Hi I'm ToaFairon and this is my page. I am currently thinking on what to do next in my stories.

About me

I was born in 1996 and got my first set in 2002, it was a Nuvohk Va. Ever since then I began MOCing and since my dad has eBay I got much Bionicles from him. I also got spare parts with it and with these I made my first MOC it was a weird Rahi. In 2006 the new bodies came out and with these made more MOCs. In 2007 I made my own Toa Mahri named Rantu he was my former Self-MOC. My current Self-MOC is Fairon.



  • I made this section
  • I created many new MOCs
  • I recently got 2 Kg BIONICLE parts!
  • I made a Gigas Magna Storyline version of Miserix, it took me a day to build


  • This user loves to make MOCs for fun
  • This user won the Sitrius Drawing contest
  • This user's favorite canon character is Miserix, while his second is Lesovikk and his third is Lewa

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