Template:Youmay The Fury is a Corpse' s Fury and leader of the Corpsians. He is one of the main antagonists in Dissolution.




The Fury mortally wounded Arcturas, who was brought to Skorpix and killed. Later, at the Battle of the Stronghold, Shardak tried to kill the Fury, but the Corpsian Leader vanished.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

The Fury was emotionless and deadly. He carried twin Shredsteel Scythes, that could wound you mortally if they even hit you once. StatsEdit

Strength: 27
Agility: 37
Toughness: 28
Mind: 26



The Seven Traitors
Leader: Eostra
Members: LariskaSkorpixWindeus
Former members: ArcturasThe Seventh TraitorNexShardak
Servants: BanraxFlareusThe FuryNightshadeShadowbringer
Former servants: Flox

Corpsian Legion (v|e)
Leaders: Skorpix
Secondary: Windeus
Former Leaders: The Fury
Members: NightshadeShadowbringerFlareusBanraxDarknessFrosteyesDecayFlameRed
Corpsian Subtypes: Charger of CorpsePoisoner of CorpseBurning Arm of CorpseLimiter of CorpseAnnihilator of CorpseEliminator of CorpseCopy of CorpseUltimatum of Corpse
Special Detachments: LimitersEliminatorsWhite Lightning Division

Former Members: Burnarm

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