Tale of Kor is a non-canon serial set in a parellel Xaterex Multiverse.


"All is lost" Tahu said stareing up at the heavens. The master of shadows looked down on him with scorn, fully indending to squash the nusence. Then the megnetic powers of the Golden Armor kicked in. The moon came rushing down and smashed Teridax in the face. Teridax tottered... And fell. He would not rise again. The energys of the armor swirled and coalseced into a form. It looked around confused. "Wha-Who are you?" Tahu asked. "I am Kor, and I have come to save this universe.


Chapter One Edit

The Corpsians stood on a ledge ubove a lush forest. the Fury snarled as he felt the loss of a presence, it could only be that fool Kor. He heard whispering behind him. He tured slowly catching three words: That, Fool, Fury. The Fury leapped at the speaker stabbing him though the heart. He was tuly to be feared! He was the FURY!!!

Kor swung from vine to vine. He had to get out of here! He had ran from the Fury only to get atomized by the portal,only to get reamaterialized by the "golden armor". He had charged into the forest in persuit of a green toa, wich blsted him with a bolt of energy, that knocked him at the feet of a white toa "Who are you?" it growled i don't like runts, exept for a snack.

Tahu ran following the trail that Kor had left. He finelly cought up with him, and upon seeing him down,with a red toa standing over him,he lounched a bolt of flame at it. The red toa was flung away into the shadows. Kor stood up. Tahu looked at him and said: "I came to tell you that this universe doesn't need saving. Teridax is dead. Oh yes it does! Kor said as a shadow fell across Tahu. Kor lonched himself at the creature, stabbing it though the heart. "What is it?" Tahu asked. Kor took one look at the black armor it was wearing. Stalker!

Chapter TwoEdit

Thar sat up, rubbing his mask. The stange red thing that had blasted him stood by his side "come" said the beast(Tahu). Join us. Together we will defeat the Stalkers, and to do that we need your help.

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