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The Stitched Arcanists are the leaders, Spellcasters, and mages for the Stitched Ones, and are the only Stitched Ones that have minds and intellegence.



The Soul Eaters of Corpse created the Arcanists to be the leaders of the mindless Stitched Ones. After the Soul Eaters left for the Twilight Void, the Arcanists led the Stitched Ones to the deepest pits, where they still hunt for prey in the Void.

Twilight Void[]

After the Battle at the DD23562, Nightshade joined with a group of Stitched Warriors led by a Stitched Arcanist. However, before they could attack, The Fates teleported them all to the Garden of the Dead.

Abilities and Traits[]

Arcanists are extremely powerful magically, and have intellegence beyond many toa, despite that the rest of their race is mindless. Arcanists always carry Chain Scythes, brutal and deadly weapons infused with their own dark power.

Known Arcanists[]

  • An Arcanist leading a group of Stitched Ones.