Biographical information

Bota Magna[1]


174 AYD, Drakos I[2]

Physical description

Jungle Scarabax Beetle[1]




1 inch[1]

Eye color



Mandibles, Legs[1]

Chronological and political information

Speewaa, Jorbyy[3], Blast[2]

Spaunauh was a female Jungle Scarabax belonging to Speewaa in The Eternal Game. After Jorbyy was killed in the initial battles and Speewaa killed by Benjarmin, she was given to Blast, but was crushed soon after.


Spaunauh came into being on Bota Magna, and was later found by Speewaa and Jorbyy and taken as a pet. After this, both Speewaa, Spaunauh, and Jorbyy were captured by the Ix, and forced to compete in their massive competition, The Eternal Game. When the contestants were released, Speewaa and Spaunauh managed to escape with a weapon, the Sickle of Reality, but Jorbyy did not, and was killed by one of the other contestants.

A short time later, both Speewaa and Spaunauh followed the Element Lord of Technology into the Underground Caves, only to be trapped and then cornered by an army of Torshurrr. Speewaa managed to ambush and kill one, but was then approached by Blast, who she made an alliance with. Later, Speewaa, Blast, and Spaunauh, along with Dredzek, Millennium, Benjarmin, and Zaeron, attempted to stop the Lord of Technology from releasing his Baterra army onto the arena above. In the end, a large group of Torshurrr arrived to attack the Baterra, slowing them down. Shortly after, Benjarmin betrayed Speewaa, impaling her with a spear, only to be disintegrated by Blast moments later. Furious, Blast took Speewaa's sickle and caused a huge explosion, bringing down the caverns and killing Millennium, the Baterra, some Torshurrr, and the Element Lord. Zaeron, Dredzek, Blast, and Spaunauh escaped, Speewaa giving Blast the beetle before her death.

Later, Blast was fighting in the final battle when he was flung against a mountain, crushing Spaunauh to death. Her dead body fell from his shoulder and was most likely destroyed when the arena erupted in flames.

Personality and traitsEdit

Being a simple animal, Spaunauh was not very intelligent, but could understand and carry out commands given by either Speewaa or Jorbyy. She was also rather timid, afraid of things like fire and lightning.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Spaunauh possesses no physical or elemental powers of any kind.


Spaunauh carries no weapons, but possesses sharp legs and pinching mandibles.


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