Silencer was a mutant Toa of Fire who lived on an unnamed island.

Early LifeEdit

In his early life Silencer lived on an island with his Toa-brother. Melnox, He had another name before the pit, but is unknown. They were both Toa of Fire, and served the Matoran and Turaga of the island. At some point, a creature known as Grannoth came and invaded the island.Melnox had the idea of throwing it off the island into the Pit. Silencer agreed, and they tried, but ended up in the pit themselves.

The PitEdit

In the Pit, Silencer was separated from Melnox. Silencer made a living in a small village in the pit, where it was extremely peaceful- it was out of the way of any demonic sea creatures. Silencer defended the village but soon became fed-up with the water, so he made a move to escape the pit. He knew certain underwater explosions had strange qualities so he went to an underwater Volcano, and when it erupted, he was launched out of the pit.

Beach IslandEdit

Silencer landed on a beach island, a very peaceful, tropical place. He liked the peace but not the seclusion, which came with the island. He made a home there and lived there for a number of decades.


Silencer at some point met WindeusSkorpixBanrax, and Flareus. Where he met them is unknown. After they tried and failed to kill him when he got in their way, they asked if he would like to join them. He was disgusted by the idea and replied that he would rather have his head chopped clean off. When Skorpix said this could be arranged, however, Silencer froze his wings and ran away with amazing agility. He gathered a group together to stop the Princes, and researched on all of them (Including Eostra). He found out loads of info but his resistance failed to even attract attention from the princes because Skorpix thought they were just a tiny threat.


Shardak was wandering in Hand of Mata Nui territory when Silencer spotted him in the woods, and captured him. Silencer then returned to the Hand, and fought against the invading Corpsians.

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