""In all of these years. That fool of a Shadowed One died. I, Pridak, am speaking for us all that this is excellent. Finally a smart traitor in his base. Bad he would never know we, The League of Six Kingdoms, were behind it.""
―Pridak, Dark Missions


Pridak was a Barraki, and a former prisoner of the Pit.

Biography Edit

Hybrid WarsEdit

Long after the defeat and deaths of the Barraki, Pridak and the other Barraki were summoned as Hybrids to the Matoran Universe. Pridak posessed Ackar.

Pridak and Eelek survived the Hybrid wars, fleeing to Ko-Metru.


Pridak, longing to return to his natural form, devised a plan, flinging himself and the Piraka Hybrids (Except Zaktan), into the Core Void. After Eelek was killed by Blast, Pridak escaped to the Control Chamber, and used Ion's antimutant armor peice to survive the Pit. There he was met by one of Mantax's lueitenants, who escorted him to where his body, and those of the Barraki were placed. After returning to his true form, Pridax used the antimutant peice to return to a warped version of his original state.

Later, in Metru Nui, Pridak encountered a small group of Skakdi rebels, and eventually recruited them into the League of Six Kingdoms.

During the final battle against Teridax in the Core Processor, Pridak saw Viri fighting for her life against a group of Corpsians. Recognizing her as a potential recruit, the Barraki flew in on his Sea Sled and took her to his stronghold.

Reign of the League UniverseEdit

In the Reign of the League Universe, Pridak is the leader of the most powerful group in the Matoran Universe, the League of Six Kingdoms

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Pridak used two Shark Tooth Blades, and a Squid Launcher. While he was possessing Ackar, he used a flame sword. In his warped state, he uses a sea sled and two spears.

Instructions for Pridak's warped form are available here.

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