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174 AYD, Drakos I[1]

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Time-based powers, telepathy, telekinesis, energy blasts, foresight vision, teleportation, dimensional portal creation, memory wiping, will projection [2]


Axe of Eternity, Claws[2]

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Shadow of Ages [2]

"Millennium" was an ancient, and immensely powerful time-manipulating entity created by the Great Beings. He was the founder and leader of the mysterious Shadow of Ages, though due to a lack of reliable information, is regarded simply as a myth by most of the universe.


Millennium's early existance is mostly unknown, but he was somehow captured by the Ix and forced to compete in their competition, The Eternal Game. Millennium survived the initial battle at the Weapons Cache, and later made Onika his slave.

Later, Millennium and Onika attacked and killed Mersery, though Mersery managed to kill Onika as well in the conflict. Milennium then retreated, leaving his enemies to fight out several battles during this period.

At an unidentified period in the games, Millennium was approached by Benjarmin, who joined him in an alliance along with his former servant Dredzek. Upon discovering the Element Lord of Technology's plan to unleash the Baterra on the surface, the group entered his underground lair, and destroyed many Baterra.

However, the numbers proved too much for the alliance, and Millennium made an alliance with Zaeron, Speewaa, Spaunauh, and Blast, who also were attempting to eliminate the Baterra.

During the final conflict,Blast summoned a group of Torshurrr to defeat the Baterra, right as Benjarmin and Millennium turned on Blast and Speewaa. In the end, Benjarmin killed Speewaa, only for Blast to kill him seconds later with the Scythe of Creation. Blast then used Speewaa's Sickle to destroy the caves, destroying most of the Baterra and killing Millennium and the Element Lord of Technology in the process, burying them under hundreds of tons of rubble.

Personality and traitsEdit

Utterly ruthless, and incredibly cold, Millennium is completely emotionless and cares little for the welfare of those around him. He is very cunning, and is highly skilled at manipulating others into doing his bidding. He is also a brilliant military strategist, and is more than capable of forming extremely complicated plots that almost seem destined to succeed. He is extremely intelligent, and possesses an extensive knowledge ranging from the history of Spherus Magna to the workings of the Matoran Universe. However, his most distinguishing characteristic is his grudge against the Great Beings, who he completely despises for their role in his banishment. In addition to this, he is a master of combat, and knows how to use almost any weapon.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Millennium has a large variety of time-based powers, as well as telepathy, will projection, telekinesis, foresight vision, teleportation, and portal creation. He also appears to be very intelligent and to possess extreme strength.


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