Template:Character2The Lord of Gales is an Infinus that created the Void of Frost. It has complete control over storms; thusly, it can control both the elements of Air and Water. Like all Infinus, he posesses the power to change the fabric of the cosmos.


Early LifeEdit

The Lord of Gales was created by an unidentified preexistance entity after the Temporal and Spatial Beast and Nihiltidax, then called the Darkness Beast. He, along with the other Infinus, fought against Nihiltidax's Darkath armies when Nihiltidax rebelled against his creator, and along with the other Infinus, watched Crystallix's victory over the dark lord. Nihiltidax was trapped within the core of Solis Magna for 100,000 years as the universe went into motion. Eventually, The Lord of Gales created the Void of Frost demiplane near the Twilight Void, and when Nihiltidax became free from the prison, he refused to act against the dark lord with his other Infinus, thus he was not destroyed when the other Infinus were killed or imprisoned. He remained in the Frost Void for many more years, and eventually was discovered by the Hunter Scorpion tribe, who consider him their great spirit.

Sub ZeroEdit

Later, Shardak and Blast entered the Frost Void, and the Lord of Gales sensed them, and made plans to meet them. Skorpix later followed them into the Frost Void, and encountering the Hunter Scorpions, requested that he take them to their leader.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

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