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Into the Darkness is a story by Varkanax39, set in the Xaterex Multiverse. It focuses on the fates of Toa Shardak and Ix Warrior Valkyria Rheai as their destinies are bound together inexorably in the wake of Fairon's victory in the Eternal Game.



Waves of flame, red and white, flashed above the dark-armored Elemental’s head as he raced down the ledge of the tall mountain. The flames’ heavy shroud of darkness obscured almost everything around him. Even with the full moon shining above his head, he couldn’t make out anything but the path before him and the deathly red of the horrid flames as they danced across the summit of obsidian peak like a destructive aurora.

Must…escape now. His thoughts sounded weaker then usual, as though the roar of the hungry flames pervaded his mind as well as the world around him. If the Spirit Toa is lost, all of our work has been for nothing.

He knew that at least one of his order was dead already, speared through the eye by the traitor. Many others had been badly wounded in the escape, but he knew at least two members of their order were still alive.

It’s too late for the Shadow Orb. Thought the elemental grimly as, pausing at the foot of the peak, he watched the flames engulf the entire mountain in a horrible conflagration of red and yellow. He knew that their prize, the greatest treasure ever obtained by their order, had been lost forever in the brief and deadly skirmish. The Elemental cursed the name of the traitor quietly, imagining his claws slashing open the treacherous Elemental’s throat…

For a few moments, the elemental stared at the conflagration, his red eyes gleaming with unspoken vengeance as he watched the destruction of his order. Then he tore his gaze away from the mountain, remembering there was still one chance for their survival.

The Shadow Orb was only the beginning. With the Spirit Toa at our command, nothing will stand in our way ever again.

The dark being’s lips twisted into a dark smile as he again imagined gouging his claws into the traitor’s throat, watching his lifeblood drain away. With the raw power that this Toa carried within him, nothing would ever defeat their order.

Turning away forever from the scene of their defeat, the Elemental strode through the forests, toward the small group of Copies of Corpse he’d left guarding the Spirit Toa while he'd been at Obsidian Peak. Leaving such beings as weak as the Copies guarding the Spirit Toa while he was with the rest of the order had been risky, but with all of his elite soldiers and mercenaries guarding the primiter of the mountain, there had been no choice.

The thought that the traitor might reach the Copies before he did enraged the Elemental, spurring him on. He knew that while it was unlikely any of the soldiers he'd hired to guard the mountain in case of attack had survived --the traitor was far too skilled to allow any of them to escape-- but it was likely that several of the order were also still alive.

Their lives are irrelevant. The Spirit Toa is the only thing that matters now. he thought as one of the Copy guards came into view. The cavern system where he'd hidden the Spirit Toa and stationed the guards was one of the most secure fortresses in the known universe. He'd used the Shadow Orb's power to render the cave system unnavigable by anyone except himself or the bearer of the Orb.

Striding up to one of the Copies, the Elemental rasped, "We were betrayed. We're leaving now with the Spirit Toa."

The Copy did not argue, but simply stepped aside into the cave. The elemental followed, his eyes shining with fury in the darkness. Before he vanished into the darkness, he took one last, lingering look at the burning mountain in the distance, then with a contemptuous flick of his curved, scythelike tail, vanished into the cavern.

The caves were dimly lit by several flickering torches, as well as glowing patches of silvery moss that hung from the walls and ceiling. Pausing before a massive gate made of black, twisted metal, the Elemental raised a single claw and the gate swung open.

"What's happening?" asked a new voice. The Elemental turned his gaze on the Toa standing before him. His armor, golden and black, gleamed in the shadows. The Toa's pale green eyes stared at him, wide-eyed with fear as he stared at the Elemental in awe. "Where are we?"

The Elemental was about to reply, when another being, taller and armored in red and black, seemed to materialize out of the darkness behind the Toa.

"I suggest you give me the Spirit Toa." he said calmly. "Or things will become unpleasant."

"Arcturas!" screeched the Elemental in rage. He pointed a single curved talon at the other Elemental. "Surrender. This Toa is mine."

An insane rage burning in the red Elemental's eyes, Arcturas snarled back, "I'll never let you resurrect your order, Skorpix."

"Then die." hissed the Elemental in a low voice as he lept at Arcturas. The red Elemental drew a long, black weapon of half-molten obsidian, and as Skorpix raised his twin weapons, summoned his powers over fire and caused the weapon to explode into flames.

Dark energy crackled from the Elemental's hands as his power exploded from his claws toward Arcturas. The fire Elemental raised the flaming sword and blocked both of Skorpix's attacks. Seeing that his attacks were ineffective, Skorpix, dark fire spiraling wildly from his talons, slammed into Arcturas.

Arcturas was faster then he'd expected, and lept to one side. The Elemental's claws scored thin air, and as he slashed wildly toward Arcturas, the other Elemental brought his weapon down, attempting to slash Skorpix's head from his shoulders.

Quick as lightning, Skorpix slipped away from the weapon and parried Arcturas' next few blows. As Arcturas began to force him onto the defensive once more, Skorpix suddenly brought both his wingblades down on Arcturas' shoulder, drawing blood. As Arcturas, realizing the attack had left Skorpix open to a fatal blow, stabbed outward beneath Skorpix's guard. Skorpix slipped away from the weapon and brought both of his weapons arcing down, toward Arcturas' chest.

Arcturas began to take a step back, then hesitated as he realized Skorpix was backing him up against the wall. While he was debating his next action, Skorpix struck again, ripping open Arcturas' shoulders savagely and clawing at his mask. The ancient Kanohi that the red Elemental was wearing spurred Skorpix on, allowing him to wrestle Arcturas to the ground.

Skorpix could hear the Spirit Toa yelling at them to stop and trying to break free from the grasp of his Copy guardians, but he was unable to comprehend anything but Arcturas as the two Elementals rolled over and over in a horrible, bloody melee. Skorpix scored two solid blows on Arcturas' chestplate and legs, and felt the spray of blood spatter against his mask. Arcturas managed to dodge Skorpix’s next two blows, and as Skorpix was about to tear open his leg with a swipe of his claws, brought his fiery weapon down on Skorpix’s back.

Skorpix snarled in pain and rage as blood welled from the wound, a startling crimson against his ebony armor. As he staggered away from Arcturas, the enemy Elemental raised the weapon again, thrusting downward at Skorpix’s neck. The Elemental dodged the blow at the last second, and as his weapon met empty air, Skorpix, now standing upright once more, retaliated with a barrage of chain lightning. Three of the bolts connected, voids of jagged shadow devouring the crimson armor and flinging Arcturas against the wall. The fire Elemental seemed to hang suspended for a moment, and then he collapsed on the ground.

Skorpix knew Arcturas still lived. His presence, while weak, was still detectable in the aura field. As Arcturas raised his head weakly to stare at Skorpix, the elemental fired several bolts of shadow from his outstretched hand.

The bolts struck Arcturas head-on, and as Skorpix began to relax, expecting to hear the satisfying crunch as Arcturas’ spine disintegrated. But Arcturas was faster then he’d thought, and the bolts struck his shoulder, obliterating the armor and tearing into the muscle. Arcturas screamed in pain and rose to his feet, flinging several weak bolts of energy at Skorpix. Skorpix deflected them easily, but Arcturas, taking advantage of the distraction, charged him, sword drawn.

Skorpix fired several bolts of darkness at the charging Elemental, but Arcturas easily deflected them both with his sword. As Arcturas bore down on him, eyes wild, Skorpix raised his wingblades and tore the blade from Arcturas’ hand.

Arcturas didn’t immediately realize what had happened, and as his eyes alighted on his fallen weapon, Skorpix raised both of his weapons and stabbed out at Arcturas’ chest. Arcturas whirled around and, staggering backward and throwing his hand into the air, gathered a massive sphere of flame in one hand.

As Skorpix brought the blades down, scoring wounds across Arcturas’ already damaged chestplate, Arcturas released the fireball. A roaring torrent of flame washed over Skorpix like a raging tsunami of fire, and the Elemental screamed in rage. Arcturas watched as Skorpix’s elemental energies slowly overcame the flames. As Skorpix, disoriented, staggered towards Arcturas, Arcturas brought down his fist on one of Skorpix’s wingblades, sending it flying across the cavern.

Skorpix was dimly aware of the Spirit Toa being subdued by his Copy guards, but the pain of his burns made rational thought almost impossible. He could feel Arcturas probing his defenses, inviting him to begin battle using their psionic powers. Skorpix knew that eventually the battle would come down to a test of wills, but for now he needed to weaken Arcturas further.

As Arcturas closed in, raising his weapon for the final blow, Skorpix stared at the ground beneath him. Arcturas was quickly halted as the ground turned into mud, and as he struggled to free himself, Skorpix created a column of earth beneath Arcturas, slamming him into the ceiling. Stunned, Arcturas fell to the ground.

Skorpix gestured to one of his Copy guards, who was standing over the struggling body of the Spirit Toa.

"Finish it." he ordered casually.

As the Copy drew near to Arcturas’ broken body, Skorpix saw Arcturas begin to rally. As he was about to warn the Copy, a massive bolt of pure fire struck him dead-on. Shattered pieces of obsidian were scattered across the stone floor.

"Your arrogance will be your undoing, Skorpix. It always has been." snarled Arcturas as he rose to his feet, eyes burning as brightly as his weapon. Skorpix replied by blasting him with shadowy fire.

Arcturas deflected the blows easily, and then replied with a fire attack of his own. The lance of flame struck his enemy directly, but Skorpix let it sizzle through him with no apparent ill affects. Arcturas blasted him again, this time with a cone of fire, but Skorpix dodged and it struck a second Copy, scouring it from the earth.

Skorpix waved a hand lazily at Arcturas, and several jagged forks of blue lightning tore through the Elemental’s body, corroding his armor further. Skorpix could see his eyes were dimming, his concentration slowly breaking.

"It is becoming apparent that this will not be decided by martial skill." continued Arcturas as Skorpix readied his weapon to retaliate. Skorpix could feel his mental probe drive deeper into his skull, and this time accepted his invitation to battle on the mental planes. As Arcturas staggered upright once more, Skorpix’s ray of immense mental power invaded Arcturas’ consciousness.

Arcturas retaliated quickly; using his probe to drive a burning ray of energy at Skorpix’s attacking shadows, driving them back. Skorpix regrouped his mental rays quickly, creating a shadowy circle on the physical world to hold Arcturas back.

Back and forth the battle of wills raged. Skorpix’s powers managed to overwhelm several portions of Arcturas’ consciousness, and he attempted to snap the Elemental’s spine. Arcturas broke the Elemental circle on the physical plane with a bolt of sizzling fire, forcing Skorpix to withdraw.

Sensing weakness, Arcturas poured more energy into the thought matrix between them, forcing his way into Skorpix’s mind even as Skorpix regained control over the physical battle. Both Elementals poured more power onto the physical world and strove against the mental barriers until both thought neither of them could continue—

Then Skorpix felt a disturbance on the physical plane as Arcturas abandoned his assault. Skorpix broke down the last of Arcturas’ mental barriers, and was about to immobilize the Elemental when Arcturas released the last of his energies onto the physical world.

Skorpix screamed in rage and pain as flames washed over him, breaking his concentration. Arcturas’ mental rays invaded his mind, seizing control over Skorpix Elemental powers of Earth and bringing the cavern ceiling down on top of him.

Skorpix screamed in rage, but it was too late. The ground shook as a torrent of darkness enveloped Skorpix, crushing him against the floor. The two remaining Copy guards charged Arcturas, but Arcturas dispatched them both, stabbing one through the chest and slicing the other in half.

Arcturas turned toward the Spirit Toa, who was lying unconscious where the Copies had stood only moments before.

Skorpix and the order erased all of his memories. Thought Arcturas. No one knows anything about this Toa…but the Last Prophecy predicted his arrival.

Arcturas traced one badly injured hand over the Spirit Toa’s mask, erasing the memories of the damage done today. Once he’d believed that the arrival of this Toa predicted the destruction of everything he’d believed in. Now…he was not sure.

Arcturas’ thoughts were suddenly interrupted as an explosion of shadow rocked the cavern. He could feel Skorpix, trying to break free from his earthen prison. He knew it would not hold him much longer.

For a moment, a single moment, Arcturas hesitated over the unconscious form of the Spirit Toa, the Toa that could one day change the fate of the universe.

Then he roused the Toa, and together they slipped into the shadows.

Chapter 1Edit

The sun had set by the time Shardak returned to the stark city of Intax. The moon cast its dispassionate gaze down on the city below, and the tall towers rose like avaricious avengers against the cold north wind. Drawing his dark cloak around him to conserve heat in the cold conditions, he stared at the urban landscape before him. The Empire had already decayed the once-beautiful city beyond all hope of repair. It was, reflected Shardak, like everything else on Xaterex, a remnant of everything the universe had lost.

Beside him, his friend Blast contemplated the grim towers before them and spoke the words they were both thinking.

"It's so...desolate. As though nothing at all lives here."

It was not abandoned, of course. The grim, ghoulish soldiers that ruled the Empire would never let anyone leave the city alive. But everyone knew that the price anyone payed for wandering the city at night, the unspoken promise in the eyes of the Kodax guardians whom the Empire had placed in control of the city. And it wasn't death.

"You know the reason." answered Shardak. "Everyone is distracted now. Since the Eternal Game concluded, the Empire's been almost completely locked down."

The Eternal Game was the Empire's brutal punishment for the massive civil war that had occurred in the wake of the power vacuum after the death of Xarnath, the leader of the Toa Order. A massive interplanetary war had occurred, during which Xaterex had been caught in the middle of the power struggle. Every city save Intax had been wiped off the map, and the few remnants of civilization had resurrected a few cities across the warped planet.

Under the irrevocable control of the Kodax and the other servants of the Empire, shadowy beings that had only rarely been seen, and ruled over Xaterex, as well as five other worlds, from Drakos Magna. Neither Shardak or Blast had ever encountered an Imperial who outranked the Kodax, but there were rumors that other races of beings outranked them.

"There haven't been any retaliations on Xaterex." Blast protested. Then he added, darkly, "Yet."

"I know." replied Shardak. "But everything seems though a storm is about to break. Fairon and his allies showed them exactly how much nobility and honor still existed in the arena. And when the retaliations strike Intax and Xaterex, we must be ready."

Blast nodded grimly. "We could escape all this, you know." he said, almost as an afterthought.

"How?" asked Shardak incredulously. "There's no way out of Intax, except the way we leave at twilight for mask making, carving, and hunting. And even if we could escape, we'd never get Nightshade and Arcturas out without official permission."

"I know." said Blast. "But...there has to be a way to solve the puzzle...a way to escape the city forever. The Empire, obviously, has a way out."

Shardak briefly wondered why they bothered to discuss all of this. It wouldn't help them earn more widgets to support their friends, Arcturas and Nightshade, and it certainly wouldn't allow them to escape Intax. It was almost as though it had become a cold comfort to their predicament, trying to support many other Glatorian as well as themselves from day to day in the city of Intax.

"We'd better return now." said Shardak, breaking the long silence. It's long past twilight."

The two Glatorian strode across the bridge which spanned the Shadewater River, which flowed through the center of Intax. Grimy and overflowing with decay and scrapped metal, Shardak couldn't see the bottom of the River, despite it being quite shallow.

"Shardak." said Blast. There was a tone in his voice that Shardak had heard only once before, when they had almost been apprehended by Kodax guards at night. "Shardak, something's on fire."

Shardak turned to look at the sky, and startled, noticed that the ebon Glatorian was correct. Smoke was rising from a nearby area, and sparks rose into the night like dying stars.

And it was coming from an area which Shardak knew only too well.

"No!" he screamed, racing down the streets, turning down an alley that was blanketed in smoke and



The sparks and smoke were rising higher now. For a moment, Shardak wondered what had happened, if Arcturas and Nightshade had escaped and had been taken to safety. As he ran, gasping for breath as he tore down the streets, he saw that the entire roof of a house nearby their own had collapsed, and that the flames, steadily rising above the buildings, blotting out all sight of any beings. Only Blast's armored hand, wrapped tightly around his, kept him from running out into the blaze.

"Shardak, there are Kodax there. They'll help them out." Shardak tore his hand out of his friend's grasp and raced into the smoke. Gagging and choking, he staggered around and fell to his knees in shock. At the center of the smoke stood a Glatorian he knew very well.

Arcturas. Three strange, obsidian armored beings, each one carrying spears in their seemingly carved hands, surrounded him. If he even moved an inch, he'd be transfixed by all of their spears. No, he realized, they'd throw one at Nightshade as well.

No... he thought. This can't be happening. Not now, not like this...

Arcturas was standing, defiant and unbowed, despite the carnage and flames surrounding him.

"I knew you'd find me one day." he said. "It was only a matter of time."

From the flames came a harsh, cackling laugh. "We anticipated your every move." One of the strange beings stepped forward, his red eyes reminding Shardak of the ring of fire that surrounded them all. "It is a...shame that these poor Glatorian must die with you." He raised his spear.

Arcturas moved so quickly that Shardak couldn't even see his fist until it slammed into the being's face. The being, dropping its spear, staggered backward and collapsed on the ground, unconscious. Two more of them lept out of the flames, felling Arcturas. One's spear caught him in the leg, the other in the side. Shardak noticed blood, stark black against the dark sky and the darkened flames. As Arcturas slipped out of the beings' grasp and staggered to his feet, the other being threw his spear.

"No!" Shardak screamed, flinging out a hand as though he could stop the spear's path midflight. There was nothing he could do as it drew closer and closer to Arcturas.

An explosion of fire startled Shardak, and he stared at Arcturas, staggering toward the edge of the fiery circle, and the molten remains of the obsidian being's spear. Shardak was forced to take a step back as the fire began to separate him from Arcturas and Nightshade.

As the fire rose higher, Shardak thought he heard a scream of rage in the distance, followed by a sharp pain in his side. As though struck by some great force, he was flung back. The flames spun in a whirling, deadly kaleidoscope of red, orange, and yellow, and the stars spun around and around his head as though something had set the planet spinning at light speed. It took him a moment to realize he was lying on the ground, a shattered spear lying next to him. Realizing he hadn't been wounded, he attempted to stand and collapsed again.

Impervious to everything except the flames, he lay there, mesmerized and lost in a world beyond caring for a few moments, before a scream jerked him back into reality. For a moment, his mind was completely blank, then he remembered.

"Arcturas..." he gasped.

"It's me." said Blast.

"Blast..." he asked, his throat dry from the smoke and fire. "Where's Arcturas? And Nightshade."

"I don't know." he said. "We have to get out of here before this entire place collapses."

"I'm not going to leave them!" snarled Shardak. As his vision cleared, he could see the beings in the distance, and he could hear Arcturas' voice, defiant but weakening. The flames, rising hungrily over the carnage of battle obscured everything else.

"Shardak-" began Blast, but the yellow-armored Glatorian had already torn himself free from Blast's grasp and fluing himself into the flames. For a moment, he was lost completely in the clash of weapons and flames, then his vision cleared. He could see Arcturas, racing toward him, horror in his eyes three of the obsidian beings lay motionless on the ground behind him, and two more were still fighting.

"Shardak!" He screamed. He was carrying his flaming weapon, the Blade of Arcturas in one hand, a spear from the obsidian beings in the other. "Run! You shouldn't be here! Get Blast and-"

One of the beings stabbed out at him, but Arcturas blocked the blow with a sweep of his flaming blade and speared the being under the chin. Scarlet blood fountained.

"I'm not leaving you!" Shardak screamed, trying to make himself heard over the clash of weapons and the roar of flames. It seemed as though the ground was giving way beneath him. The world was spinning rapidly, causing the Glatorian biting nausea and horrible pain from where the spear hilt had struck him.

Arcturas decapitated the last obsidian being with a sweep of his flaming sword, then raced toward Shardak. "You have to get out of here." he said urgently. "Run! They're coming."

Shardak was about to reply when he noticed that one of the obsidian beings had staggered to his feet. "Arcturas! watch out!" he screamed. Arcturas, racing toward Shardak, stopped and turned around-just as the spear that the being had thrown entered his body. The momentum carried him backward, and he collapsed limply on the scorched earth.

"Arcturas!" yelled Shardak as he raced toward his mentor. He was lying, either dead or dying, on the ground. Shardak wondered for a brief moment if he was dead. Shaking him, he searched frantically for a pulse, for any sign he was still alive.

Arcturas' eyes fluttered open. "Shardak..." he gasped. "I am dying."

"No!" said Shardak. "We can get you to Intax...invent some story."

"The wound is fatal, Shardak." Arcturas said gently. "I cannot move, or I will hasten my passing."

"Take this," he said, placing the blade in the hands of Shardak. The Blade of Arcturas. Normally Shardak would've argued, saying he wasn't worthy of the powerful weapon, but now he reached out and touched it. A bolt of energy shot up his arm, and his vision went out of focus.

"We can still escape." Shardak said desperately, and for a moment he was oblivious to the Imperial soldiers firing at them, to the noises of the night, to everything but Arcturas.

"No. Run!" Arcturas gasped. "You have to live. Then we may still have some hope." His voice softened. "You can survive. Just- don't hate me in the end. When you know the truth."

"What truth? What-" Shardak was cut off by the sound of more of the beings racing toward them. They hadn't spotted Arcturas yet, but if they did, Shardak knew they would both be killed.

"Flee..." Arcturas gasped, his speech horribly slurred. "They'll not follow you, they only want me. Run!" The effort of speaking made the blood flow faster from his horrible wounds. Shardak knew then there was no way to save Arcturas. If he fled with the Toa, the Corpsians would follow them, and kill them both. And Arcturas had said he must live. For what reason, Shardak did not know, but he guessed it went beyond the bond they shared.

"Shardak." said Arcturas, his voice quieter now. "Please leave. Some part of me will always watch over you." his breathing began to grow weaker now. "Go..." he whispered. "Take care of Nightshade for me."

Nightshade. his sister's name jerked him out of stupor. Staggering to his feet, blinded by tears and by the all-consuming smoke, he raced away from the dark soldiers. He was dimly aware of the Blade of Arcturas' weight in his hands. His head throbbing with pain and his side aching from where the spear's hilt had struck him, Shardak collapsed on the ground, his eyes staring at the flames which blotted out even the night sky itself.

Stars. thought Shardak numbly. The stars are burning.

Then he was gone, lost in a realm beyond life, death, or reality.

Chapter 2Edit


One Year Earlier

The sun set to the west of the sea in a brilliant flare of orange and red, bathing the ocean in an ethreal twilight glow. For a brief moment, the sun flashed down at the faces of the two figures standing near the edge of the shore, the waves lapping at their booted feet.

Momentarily blinded, Valkyria closed her eyes against the glare, and at that moment, her opponent sprang. For a moment, the words of her trainers before they'd entered the Eternal Game training grounds had told her: Distraction can mean your death in the arena. As an Ix warrior apprentice, Valkyria had fought many deadly beings to the death, but she'd never faced such deadly ferocity.

With reflexes borne from years of rigorous training, Valkyria's dagger seemed to meterialize in her hand. The Kodax trainer's scythe flashed past her line of vision, and she blocked the blow easily. She had no time to see her opponent's second scythe slash at her, just below her guard. Valkyria blocked the blow, but the Kodax's sheer strength tore the weapon from her hand. He reached out for the final blow with both scythes, blades flashing in the sunset.

Valkyria drew a second dagger from the sheath on her thigh and narrowly managed to block one of the blows, twisting to one side to avoid the second. As the Kodax, momentarily disoriented by the distraction, swung at her wildly with the knife, Valkyria tore the weapon from his hand.

"Very good." the Kodax said. An obvious distraction. His remaining scythe struck her shoulder, drawing blood. Valkyria tensed against the pain that shredsteel always caused, the horrible sensation of burning and freezing cold all at once.

At first, when she had been chosen as an Ix apprentice, she had been shocked that they would actually land real blows. Her mentors had told her, "Would a real enemy?"

No. And eventually you can become immune to pain, as well as all of the emotions. It gives the Veiled Ones strength. Strength to survive anything that has been forced upon us.

The Kodax was on the defensive now. Valkyria, now armed with two shredsteel daggers, had injured him badly with blows to the chest and arms. With his final weapon, a long, razor sharp scythe, in his bloodless hands, he could defend easily against her strikes with her far shorter daggers.

I must end this, soon. she thought grimly as she easily parried the blow. Valkyria knew she could not outlast a Kodax warrior in combat forever. She was far more slender and built more lightly then any Kodax, and could not compete with the Kodax's sheer strength.

Suddenly the Kodax switched to the offensive, his scythe swinging wildly. Valkyria blocked the first several blows, and, though disoriented by his sudden attack, managed to take a step back, avoiding injury. But they both knew that this was more then a simple training exercise. If Valkyria was able to win against a Kodax master, she would be accepted as an Ix warrior. If she failed...

I will not fail. thought Valkyria, pushing the distracting thoughts aside. As the Kodax's blade arced downward, the metal blade striking her dagger and nearly tearing the weapon from her hand, an idea sprang into her mind. It was risky. It would utalize her powers of Aura, which, according to the rules of the Eternal Game training exercise, would allow him to respond with his own powers as well.

As the Kodax's scythe decended, Valkyria lunged forward, allowing the scythe to reach an inch from certain defeat before flinging out a hand. Her green eyes stared at the hilt of the weapon, and her aura reached out, for a moment holding the blade in midair. Then, using a technique she'd been taught by an Ix Aura warrior, crushed the weapon's own aura around it, shattering the blade.

It took the Kodax a moment to realize what she had done, and another moment to realize he was now allowed to use all of his powers. As Valkyria brought the blade down, aiming for a finishing blow over the heart, he retaliated with a barrage of chain lightning. Years of training took over as Valkyria lept high into the air, using both her control over the Aura field and her inherent speed caused by the Ix blood flowing in her veins.

The Kodax, realizing almost instantly what had happened, fired a blast of dark energy at the Ix, sure that it would strike her. Valkyria easily twisted out of the way, landing on her feet while aiming both daggers at the Kodax's heartlight. There was no doubt in either of the being's minds that had the Kodax been a real attacker, he would be dead now.

Valkyria felt a rush of pride and ambition rise up from within her, which she quickly surpressed. While many Ix warriors could not utilize either Aura or any of the elemental powers, they were still highly sensitive to the emotions of other beings.

And as an Ix warrior, she would neaver be allowed to show emotion of any sort while around other beings. It was only when she was alone that she could revel in her sucess, the culmination of the ultimate challenge. She had won a great victory, one that had been achieved only by the greatest of all warriors.

"Very good." a new voice rang out over the field. Nasal and harsh, it spoke in the Ix's native language, not the common tongue spoken by the Kodax, Matoran, and Agori who had been lost when Illiera was forever cut off from the rest of the universe.

Three beings seemed to appear out of the dark forest surrounding the training area. One was a massively built Kodax carrying at least ten daggers and two longer maces. The other two, veiled in robes of the blackest night, carried no weapons, but at the same time seemed even more dangerous then the Kodax.

Valkyria bowed her head repectfully to the two powerful Ix lords. One stepped forward and walked over to her.

"Valkyria Rheai, Ix apprentice and Aura warrior." intoned the Ix in his nasal voice, this time in the common tongue. "You have done much in your apprenticship to serve the Ix Empire. You have battled beings from the Core Dimension, slain many deadly opponents in single combat, and proven yourself worthy of the title warrior."

Valkyria felt a shiver of anticipation as she waited for the Ix's final words. "Rise, Valkyria. Tomarrow you will be given your first mission as a full warrior, but, for now, you may rest and recover from the arena training session."

The Ix lord paused, then, almost as an afterthought, added, "I suppose you'll also need this."

He held out his hand, and Valkyria saw what he was carrying. It was a long, slender dagger with a hilt formed of pure obsidian, shot through with silver streaks of Shredsteel. The blade was curved slightly, and gleamed with a silver sheen. The blade itself appeared to be completely formed of molten silver, as though ripples of the metal were sliding up and down it.

Silverblade. thought Valkyria. She'd wondered when her weapon would be returned to her. It had been given to her as an apprentice, after she'd been sent on a raid with her mentors. She'd killed one of the enemy warriors during the battle, and in return was granted the Ix weapon by Scrall Vhokyn, her commander.

"Your mentors tell me you also have a talent with the bow as well as the dagger. Take these as well." The Ix lord paused, and two Ix warriors stepped into the clearing.

One carried a bow, made completely out of the same meterial Silverblade had been fashioned from, the Xxyr, "Shademetal" in Matoran. A set of arrows, as well as a quiver, were held in his other, and he handed them both to Valkyria, who was unable to control her surprise or delight in the Aura field. She had to make a consious effort not to betray her surprise any further.

The second Ix was carrying six Shredsteel daggers, which were carried by both warriors and apprentices in case of attack. As she slung the quiver of her shoulder and picked up the bow and Silverblade.

Something must have shown on her face as she faced the Ix lord, for his eyes seemed to grow softer. Valkyria felt a brief touch, that of another aura coming in contact with her own, and tensed, waiting for the Ix's reaction.

"Do not surpress your emotions now, Valkyria." he said, surprising her by using her first name. "This is your last day as an apprentice. You will have the rest of your life to live without emotion."

Valkyria began to calm now, remembering what Vhokyn had told her during the torture resistance sessions she'd had to endure as an apprentice, in the event she was ever captured by an enemy.

The Ix are the masters of the universe. Any master must be able to put his own emotions aside for the good of the universe we rule. Without emotion, there is no love, no anger, no life, no pain, no death- only the single devotion to our ultimate goal.

Valkyria smiled inwardly, thinking of their raid on the Glatorian outpost built near the edge of the Veil. It had been there that she'd first taken a life, there where she'd been given Silverblade, and there where she and her squadron had won knowledge of the Core Universe's weaponery, the way they fought, and the way they lived. It had been a grand victory, one that she had savored in its fullest.

Now, as an Ix warrior, she would win many more great victories, but she would not allow even the lighter emotions to cloud her judgement. Allowing, for one last time, her ambition, anticipation, and thrill of sucess to shine on her face, Valkyria waited for the Ix to finish speaking, then bowed her head one last time and, as the gathered Ix and Kodax began to scatter, vanished into the trees, her bow in one hand, Silverblade in the other.

But her mind was elsewhere, lost in her memories of their first victory and the battles that had followed...

Chapter 3Edit


The voice seemed to echo all around him, yet somehow sound distant at the same time.

"Shardak." The voice had spoken again, and this time, Shardak thought he recognized it.

Then, as he opened his eyes to pitch darkness, he remembered. The weight of Arcturas' horrible death at the hands of the strange soldiers had struck him to his core, and he had staggered away from the flames, looking for-

"Blast?" he asked. His voice sounded cracked.

"I've found the obsidian beings' tracks." came the reply. Shardak could see a light shining in the distance, and as it came closer, he saw his friend's helmeted face appear in the shadows, his green eyes shining in the darkness.

"Where am I?" he asked. His voice still sounded unfamiliar to him, as though the smoke had burned more then his armored body.

"I was standing near the edge of the inferno when you staggered out of the fire. You weren't burned badly, however, and I managed to guide you back to the city's center. You're in one of Kor's hideouts."

Kor, an enigmatic Glatorian who had befriended Blast and Shardak, lived in fierce competition with the brutal Intax gangs and always had a hideout on the outskirts of the city. He always allowed Shardak and Blast to use them, if necessary.

"Did you see what happened to Nightshade and Arcturas?" asked Shardak.

"I saw Arcturas fall after he was struck by a spear." replied the ebon Glatorian. "But I never saw Nightshade fall, or escape. However, I've found the obsidian being's tracks, as well as other, more slender footprints. Would those be Nightshade's?

Shardak stood up slowly, on unsteady feet. He still felt slightly dizzy, and the entire situation had taken on a sort of unreality, as though all that had happened was only a nightmare. Still, he knew how brutal, how deadly, and how true Arcturas' death had been on some level of consciousness.

"Yes!" he said in surprise as he examined the tracks. "They're Nightshade's. She's obviously been taken by the obsidian warriors." he said as he examined the tracks of two other beings, wider and larger.

"They're heading west, toward the Market District." said Blast. "It's highly likely they dwell beyond that though, on the outskirts."

Shardak wondered exactly who the assassins had been working for. Were they working for one of the gangs? The Kodax? The Empire? And why had Arcturas behaved as though he had met them before? The questions were endless.

"If they have Nightshade, I'm going after them." said Shardak. He looked around, startled to see that both his own tools and the Blade of Arcturas were missing. "What-" he began, but Blast cut him off, drawing the Blade of Arcturas. Without the fiery blade ignited, it appeared to be a normal weapon made of golden metal.

"I have your own weapons." he answered. "And you were carrying the Blade of Arcturas when you staggered out of the flames. I've gathered enough provisions for a short journey-"

"I can't ask you to come with me." interjected Shardak. "You've done enough as is, rescuing me from the fire and finding the being's tracks. This is my friend I have to save, and you saw what those beings did to Arcturas. I don't want to be responsible for your death."

Blast smiled. "Shardak, I'm your friend, and Nightshade's, too. If there's even a chance she and Arcturas survived and have been captured by these beings, whoever they serve, I'll come with you."


"Disunity is what brought the Skrall down." Blast reminded him. "And only through unity were the Toa able to defeat the Makuta of Metru Nui in the City of Legends."

The tales of Metru Nui, a series of ancient legends that had been passed down orally by the Matoran for many years. The legends were also told by Glatorian and Agori villagers in Intax. They were set in an ancient universe where the Matoran supposedly originated in, as well as a world known as Bara Magna. While there was no planet called Bara Magna in the Solis Magna System, and the Matoran's universe had never been proven to exist, many Matoran and Agori believed the ancient stories were true.

However, the Kodax, as well as the Empire outside, were brutal in punishing those who believed or even told such stories, and many of the village elders had been publicly executed for "spreading lies". The executions had done nothing to stop the Matoran's beliefs, but since the Eternal Game, when the entire city was waiting for the Empire's reaction to Fairon's victory, everyone had stayed silent, fearing retribution.

"And besides." said Blast, startling Shardak out of his dark thoughts. "Arcturas fought alone. We'll fight together."

His words, far from reassuring Shardak, made him remember his helplessness as he tried desperately to save Arcturas from the attackers. Still, he conceded, Blast had a point. If they fought together, they might stand a chance against the beings.

"I have no idea how powerful these beings might be, or whom they serve." said Shardak.

"They can't leave Intax." said Blast. "Unless they're working for the Kodax. And even if they are, they couldn't have gone far. It's only been twelve hours since..." his voice trailed off into silence.

Shardak nodded. "You can come, then. United, we may stand a chance against these murderers."

They're probably working for some gang in the outskirts. Shardak thought. Their tracks confirm they're heading in that direction.

Then he had an uneasy thought. But why haven't they hidden their tracks? Surely they didn't want to be discovered by Intax's authorities.

"We have to go now, then." said Blast. "They may eventually discover that several beings witnessed the attack, and cover their trail."

Shardak grabbed his cloak from a nearby table, and drew the Blade of Arcturas. Blast raised his scythe, an ancient weapon he'd found discarded outside Intax while the two Toa were foraging and hunting. Even outside Intax, nothing was safe from the Empire's infuence, as the entire wilderness was surrounded by outposts heavily guarded by Kodax warriors.

They couldn't have gone far. The city's too heavily guarded. Exiting the rundown building and drawing their dark cloaks around them to conceal their weapons, the two Glatorian strode onto the desolate Intax streets.

Shardak noticed very few beings had emerged from the buildings yet, and only saw two Kodax, wearing the blue cloaks unique to Intax's police guard. One gave Shardak a long stare, and Shardak began to worry that the Kodax would speak to him. The guard only spoke to citizens when about to arrest them. Then, just as quickly, his features relaxed and he vanished around a block.

"Even more abandoned then last night." observed Blast, and Shardak remembered Blast's comment as they'd returned from the unsessessful hunting expedition that had led to the death of Arcturas. Even thinking about what had happened before the attack was painful.

Arcturas can't be saved now. Try to save Nightshade, who's probably expecting us to follow her. He reminded himself.

Turning down another street, Shardak noticed that it, too, seemed abandoned. Surprised, he looked around, expecting to see some signs of life, any indication that the outskirts were not abandoned. It seemed that the entire section of the city had been suddenly deserted.

Then he realized why.

"Oh, Mata Nui." Blast gasped.

Lying before them were the bodies of eight slain beings. Two bore one of the gang's insignias, the rest seemed to be civilians or upper-class merchants. Their bodies were tangled and drenched in torn armor and blood. Several of them were missing limbs, and one's head had been hacked off completely.

"What could have done a living creature?" asked Shardak.

Blast merely shook his head as though he had no answers. For another moment, Shardak contemplated the scene of destruction with horror in his eyes.

"Who did this?" Blast wondered aloud, this time more forcefully. "Was it the obsidian creatures?"

Shardak nodded. "These are spear wounds. They were carrying stabbing spears." he said, pointing to the corpse of a slain Glatorian. "But some were injured by another type of weapon, perhaps a longsword." Years of watching the Kodax execute suspected rebels had given him a greater understanding of weapons. Arcturas had always told Nightshade and him that they should carry weapons as well, in case they were attacked, and taught them several basic combat moves.

"It makes you wonder what they did to them."

"Probably only got in their way." said Shardak. "Like Arcturas."

"The tracks." said Blast, trying to steer the subject away from the scene of battle before them. "They're here as well, heading off into the distance. Nightshade's still with them."

Shardak looked at the being's footprints, and noticed they continued on, past the bodies of the slain beings.

"So they were here. No wonder everyone's avoiding the Market District and the outskirts." he said.

Turning away from the gruesome scene before them, the two Glatorian drew their weapons, alert for danger now.

"I wonder if they stopped to rest during their journey." mused Blast.

"Probably not." answered Shardak. "We don't know if they're even alive. They seemed almost fully mechanical."

"The tracks stop here." said Blast. There seemed to be a note of surprise in his voice. "At this rundown building."

They were standing before what had once been a large building, its architecture dating back to the city-state era, before Intax came under the control of the Empire. Once again, it struck Shardak how little he truly knew about the Empire, and if it even existed beyond Intax. He'd never been beyond the city, and as far as he knew, no one but the Kodax had either.

"They've gone inside, then." said Shardak, wondering why. There had been far too many beings to conceal in a single building, no matter how large. They'd run themselves into a cul-de-sac.

"Let's go." said Shardak.

"Shardak!" yelled Blast. "You don't know anything about these beings. This could be a-"

But Shardak had already pushed open the door and vanished inside. The building was empty, the floor and walls covered in dust. There were no lights, and Shardak wondered briefly if he could use the Blade of Arcturas to provide illumination, as Arcturas had done during the battle. However, as he drew the weapon, he realized there was no way to turn the blade's power on or off.

How did Arcturas ignite the weapon? Shardak wondered, just as Blast stepped into the building cautiously, scythe drawn. Glatorian didn't control any elemental powers. Touching his own helmet, ancient and cracked, he wondered where Arcturas had gotten it. It didn't resemble any of the helmets he'd ever seen, not even Blast's.

"They've been here. I can tell even though most of their foot" said Blast, pointing to several tracks on the floor. "And Nightshade."

So we haven't lost their trail. said Shardak, relieved. He'd begun to worry that their tracks had become confused or lost, as Intax was a busy city and the thousands of footprints that were scattered almost erratically across the city made it nearly impossible to follow any being's trail.

Following the tracks down a flight of stairs, Shardak could see that here the beings had tried to hide their tracks and almost succeeded. However, one of Nightshade's tracks confirmed this was the correct path. The two Glatorian paused as they realized the tracks had disappeared.

"Where did they go?" wondered Blast aloud. "Beings don't simply vanish into thin air."

Looking down, Shardak noticed several cracks in the floor, as well as three dark metal shapes.

No, not just metal shapes, he realized. Hinges. Reaching down, searching for the lever he knew must be there, he grabbed onto something metal and pulled. Slowly, the trapdoor swung open without any noise.

"What!" exclaimed Blast, then lowering his voice, said, "Where are these beings going? Haven't the Kodax realized there's a dangerous building with a route to an underground tunnel in a rundown fortress?"

"I don't know." said Shardak. "But they've definitely been here, I can see their trail. Most of it's vanished now, but this is, indeed, the tunnel they've disappeared into."

"You're absolutely sure that we didn't confuse their tracks and that this isn't a secret Kodax outpost?" asked Blast.

"I'm sure." answered the yellow Glatorian. "You've confirmed it as well, and your skills are better then mine."

"That's what I was afraid of." muttered Blast.

"We have to find them. They still have Nightshade with them, and we're on their trail. I think we'll be able to make it!" said Shardak, excitement palpable now in his voice. "We may actually catch them!"

The two Toa descended down the stairs, watching as the light began to vanish as the trapdoor slammed shut.

"Blast." said Shardak, suddenly frightened as the darkness closed in around them. "Did we bring any torches?"

"You can't see?" said Blast, surprised. "It's not dark at all."

"Not dark? It's darker then midnight!" said Shardak incredulously.

"Really?" said Blast, sounding puzzled. "It's definitely not dark at all. It's far brighter then nighttime, it seems almost-"

He broke off as Shardak stared at his helmet. It was glowing softly, illuminating the pathway before him. As he watched, the helmet began to brighten, and gleam with ethereal blue light. Shardak looked at him strangely.

"I didn't know your helmet could do that." he said. "The tunnel's clear." he added as an afterthought, his armored hand pointing down toward the tunnel snaking off in the distance.

"I didn't, either. It seems to have been activated on it's own." he shook his head. "Odd."

"We have to continue, then." said Shardak, pushing aside thoughts of Blast's strange new powers away for a moment. All of his thoughts were focused on the rescue of Nightshade. And while there was little hope, he still retained a small hope that perhaps somehow the obsidian beings had saved Arcturas and taken him captive as well. Then there would still be a chance to rescue him.

In his heart, he knew Arcturas was dead, however. No being could have survived a spear wound that fatal for long. If the beings had kept up such a brisk pace and they had come down here, they had obviously not slowed down. Nightshade could probably keep up with them, Shardak reasoned. She was in excellent physical condition.

Guided by Blast's strange new power, the two Glatorian descended down a flight of seemingly naturally occurring stairs. Continuing down the passageway, Shardak noticed that the passageway was beginning to slope downward, slowly getting steeper. Despite the faint illumination, Shardak found this place dark and oppressive. Slowly the two Glatorian continued down a steep precipice, landing on their feet before a massive chimneylike column of earth. A large hole, as well as many smaller holes, where punched into the apparently hollow structure.

"It's a naturally occurring phenomenon." said Blast. "Nothing like this could have been made by anyone from the surface."

"We're not on the surface anymore." said Shardak. "We still don't know what these beings are capable of." For the first time since they'd set out, Shardak felt a twinge of unease. Who knew how far this strange hollow structure descended. For a moment, he thought about returning to the surface.

It'd take at least four hours. More, since we're going up hill. We're far lower then any basement in Intax, maybe 400 bio. We've come too far down. Either we find the beings, or lose their trail.

"How are we supposed to enter that?" asked Blast. "Even if we can enter through the large holes punched through this thing, we'll certainly be forced to descend at least ten feet."

Where are we? wondered Shardak, not for the first time tonight. "I'm going to take a look inside this thing." he said, trying to keep his voice calm. "There may be a way we can get down this."

Approaching the earth column cautiously, afraid, irrationally that something might attack him if he turned his back on the tunnel, Shardak stepped into the torn entrance and gasped as he looked down.

He was standing at the very edge of a massive cliff. The pit below seemed to spiral away into inky blackness. Faint, flickering illumination glowed from several clumps of moss that hung like silvery thread from the overhangs.

Light suddenly flooded his vision as Blast stepped next to him, his helmet illuminating the yawning chasm below. While steep, it was not smooth, and Shardak believed that they could climb down the cliff with some difficulty.

"I think we can climb down this for a few feet." said Blast. "But beyond that, I'm not sure."

As he spoke, the light from his helmet fell upon a white, dirty rope tied to a stalagmite. Shardak bent down on his knees, and grabbing the rope, saw it cascaded far into blackness.

"There's our entrance!" Shardak exulted, realizing that against the odds he was getting closer and closer to his goal. He turned to Blast, expecting to see his own enthusiasm reflected on his friend's face, but to his surprise Blast was frowning.

"I'm not sure if this is a good idea, Shardak." said Blast, his face grim now. "We don't know how deep this crevace is, and if it does end about ten feet down, the beings could still be thousands of miles away. We don't know how fast they travel, or what kind of beings live in this underworld."

"We're not too far from Intax." said Shardak.

"Not too far? We've been walking virtually nonstop for five hours!" said Blast. "This could be fatal."

"What are you suggesting?" said Shardak, a touch of despair coming into his voice. "If I leave Nightshade in the captivity of these horrific beings forever, never knowing what's happened to her or where she is, I'll never be able to think of either Arcturas or Nightshade again without feeling guilty. I made a promise, Blast. I promised Arcturas I'd take care of Nightshade. And if I don't honor that promise, I'll-" he broke off, unable to continue.

"It just seemes too convenient somehow." said Blast, but the tension had gone out of his voice. "It's unlikely that anyone could have followed them this far, but every good assassin would leave no trace like a rope hanging down a chasm. Anyone could follow that."

"It could be someone else left it." argued Shardak.

"Impossible." said Blast. "It's obvious they've passed through here recently, and this rope is fresh, though dirty. It's still strong."

Shardak knew that Blast was right. It had obviously been left by the obsidian beings, and this was their trail. Still, it also seemed unlikely that the assassins, who had been able to ambush both Arcturas and Nightshade, would have left such an obvious trail. He pushed the thought out of his mind. So close to their goal, it didn't matter know why the beings had left the rope. They'd regret it.

'We are in agreement, then." said Shardak finally. "We must continue. I know you want to return to Intax. But you live alone. These Glatorian were my friends as well, and I owe it to Arcturas to find Nightshade."

Blast nodded in agreement, but Shardak could see he was not entirely satisfied.

"I'll go first." said Shardak. "You follow." Blast nodded again, and Shardak began the slow descent.

At first, he was scared the rope would snap immediately. But as he lowed himself down the jagged cliffs covered in the shining silver moss and a cold iron metal, he began to relax. Slowly, minutes dragged by, but the chasm showed no signs of leveling out. It simply continued, deeper and deeper into the earth.

After around thirty minutes of climbing, Blast spoke, his voice echoing eerily around the abyss from somewhere above Shardak.

"I need to rest, Shardak. Let's take a short break here. We have plenty of rations."

Shardak wanted to argue, say they must continue onward, but every drop of vitality had been sucked from his body. He wanted to lie down and rest. His mind rebelled, but eventually he said, "We'll stop here."

The two Glatorian landed lightly on the edge of an overhang, leaving the rope hanging in the chasm. Shardak could tell the void went on for many more miles, and the rope ended very soon below them. A second rope hung snared on another outcropping below.

As Shardak began to relax for the first time since the death of Arcturas, he heard Blast scream.

"Shardak! Watch out!"

Shardak saw Blast's scythe flash once, and saw a large white creature slam into his friend, hauling him toward the edge of the chasm.

Then, looking up, he saw massive, milky white eyes stare at him for a few moments before the talons descended.

Chapter 4Edit

Instantly flooded with a surge of energy, Shardak lept away from the being's talons just as they were about to drag him over the cliff. For a moment, the massive being looked confused, then it turned its milky eyes on the Glatorian and readied to strike again.

Shardak stared at the creature in shock. The being's entire body was covered in overlapping, armorlike scales which glowed with a faint blue light, and its claws ended in massive, curved talons. Its eyes seemed to be blind, white with no irises or pupils, and its mouth opened to reveal jagged rows of teeth.

It was a being from a nightmare.

The second being was wrestling with Blast near the edge of the cliff. Shardak could see blood, black in the shadowy illumination of Blast's Ruru and the beings' scales, but he couldn't tell whether it was the creature's blood or Blast's.

As he was watching his friend, he realized in a sudden instant that he'd turned his back on the first being. The flying creature slammed into him, trying to grab hold on his helmet but failing. As it reached out again, Shardak raised the Blade of Arcturas, cutting into the being's armor. Before he could deal any significant damage, however, the being slipped away and over the edge of the cliff, screeching once and then dive bombing him again.

This time Shardak was ready. As the being bore down on him, he thrust outward with his weapon. The being, to his surprise, twisted itself around midair and slammed into the blade's side, knocking it out of its grasp and sending it spiraling to the floor. The being's talons grabbed at his head again, trying to rake it off. Shardak fell to his knees, reaching out to grab the Blade.

The being, confused by Shardak's narrow escape, reoriented itself and struck Shardak again just as he grabbed and lifted the Blade of Arcturas. Shardak felt the weapon cut through the being's leg, then through bone. With a screech, the being tore itself away from Shardak, but the wounded talon impeded its escape. As it flew backward, Shardak lunged forward and stabbed it in the side. Startled, he noticed the being's blood was a dark blue-green color. He noticed the being spiral away from him, and struck it two more times with the weapon before it retreated beyond the edge of the overhang.

Turning toward Blast, he saw the ebony Glatorian was still alive, but bleeding and fighting a losing battle as the being wrestled him to the ground once again.

Screaming his friend's name, Shardak charged toward them, only to be flung backwards. Completely disoriented, he saw a flash of talons and was flung to the ground while all the while stabbing blindly at his assailant. The creature's blood spattered against his chestplate and he watched as the being, wounded badly, collapsed over the edge of the cliff and into darkness.

Shardak raced toward Blast, and saw the Glatorian struggling desperately against the second being's onslaughts. Shardak saw Blast's scythe slash over and over again into the being's body, but his attacks were beginning to weaken. As Shardak was about to charge the being in a final attempt to save his friend, the being's talons descended for the final blow.

Shardak saw Blast's scythe stab upward twice, snapping one wing. The being collapsed on the ground, writhing in pain, as Blast struck the being a blow to the chest, then to the other wing. As the creature tried to reorient itself, Blast lunged forward and slashed open the being's throat. Wings snapped, the dying creature collapsed over the edge of the cliff.

Shardak could hear the surviving being's screech from below, and he rushed over to Blast, who was covered in both the being's blood and his own.

"Quick! Climb down the rope!" said Shardak urgently. Blast, his eyes unfocused, watched as Shardak began his descent, then followed.

"One of them is still alive!" yelled Shardak, and Blast's head turned just as the creature was about to strike. Instantly galvanized into action, the Glatorian began his descent. The glowing creature turned disinterestedly from Blast and, seeing Shardak, flew at the Glatorian.

Shardak knew that if the being struck him, the rope would snap and Blast would be killed. He had only a moment to think, Mata Nui, this is insane, before leaping off the rope and into the darkness. As he'd gambled, the second overhang was directly below him,. As the being rushed to grab him in his talons, Shardak slashed out wildly above him, and felt the Blade tear through armor, then bone. He saw one of the being's claws disappear into the void just as the second claw wrapped around his leg.

Half falling now, Shardak twisted around midair, grabbing the being's armored neck with one hand. The being was too strong for him, however, and its wings were too weak to support them both. Shardak could see his death rushing up to meet him and felt mounting dread as the being nearly wrestled out of his grasp.

Then time seemed to slow. Shardak could suddenly feel the being, its predatory instinct, its bloodthirsty nature. He could see a glowing field of energy surrounding the being, and felt its basic, Rahi-like emotions. He suddenly knew where the being would strike next.

As the creature attempted to tear itself free from Shardak's grasp, Shardak, having known somehow exactly what the being would attempt, wrestled the being to the ground. As they slammed into the ground, Shardak now on top of the being, he could feel the creature's wings snap.

With a screech of sheer rage and pain seemed to be torn from the depths of the abyss itself, the massive creature writhed out of Shardak's grasp, trying to raise its shattered body into the air. It began to rise for a moment, then collapsed over the edge of the cliff with a final screech.

What- Shardak thought, wondering what had happened.

"Is it dead?" Blast asked shakily.

"No." said Shardak. "But it won't be back here in a hurry."

Looking down, Shardak noticed that the cliff was beginning to level out, beginning a downward slope that snaked deeper into the darkness. "It may level out soon." Shardak pointed out. He could see the fight with the winged creatures had weakened Blast, he was injured in the shoulder and the leg, where the being's talons had struck him.

Blast winced as he saw Shardak's concern. "I'll be fine." he said. "Hopefully they're hidden around here somewhere."

Shardak hadn't had time to remember their goal during the deadly struggle, but now he realized just how much danger they were in. Both of them were wounded, and they were many, many bio below Intax. He was about to reply when he heard a screech from somewhere within the void.

"Shardak!" yelled Blast. "The-" He was abruptly cut off as a third winged creature grabbed Blast by the arm and dragged him down the slope. Shardak slashed downward at the creature, and felt the Blade of Arcturas tear through the creature's wing. Momentarily distracted, the creature released his grip on Blast, and Shardak lept over the ledge and raced down the gradually descending slope, worried Blast would fall over the edge and continue falling through the void.

Shardak heard Blast fall against the slope, and raced over to his friend. Before he could speak, Blast rose to his feet slowly.

"I'm alright." he said, looking around. Shardak saw they were standing on a massive overhang that nearly spanned the entire chasm. Behind them, a tunnel snaked off into the darkness. All around them, patches of the silvery moss grew from several columns identical to the one they'd traveled down.

"I can't find any of their tracks." Shardak reported. "But I think the obsidian beings came this way."

"They've-" Blast said, then broke off. Shardak saw the winged beast he'd injured was, amazingly, trying to drag itself upright. As it began to rise into the air awkwardly, its blood still seeping from its injured wing, Shardak tensed, prepared to fight.

With a screech, the being flung itself at the two Glatorian. Shardak readied the Blade of Arcturas, Blast drew his scythe.

Then, suddenly, there was a flash of dark metal, and the being fell backward, collapsing limply on the ground. Shardak and Blast raced over, wondering what had happened. He knelt down next to the being, and saw a thin, curved dagger had imbedded itself in his neck. The being's milky eyes glazed over, blood still trickling from its torn throat.

It took Shardak one moment to make the obvious conclusion. "Who--"

A cold voice silenced him abruptly. Shardak turned, and gasped.

Standing in the mouth of the tunnel were two of the obsidian beings. They both carried spears, pointed at Shardak and Blast. The being who had thrown the spear was a four-legged, two-armed being with armor of shadowy sapphire. His eyes were a horrible, hungry orange that stared out from a slitted black mask. He was carrying two more daggers, aimed directly at the two Glatorian.

The sapphire-armored being gave a thin, cold laugh. "You are now prisoners of the Void Circle. Surrender immediately, or we will kill both of you."

Chapter 5Edit

Shardak felt cold and impassive as he strode down the tunnel followed by Blast and their captors.

At first his mind had been awash with turmoil and doubt. He'd watched as the sapphire being, whom the obsidian beings referred to as Banrax, escorted Blast and him into the darkened tunnel. He could see there were four more of the obsidian beings, and two were carrying lanterns that gleamed with acid green light, illuminating the tunnel ahead.

Slowly, they'd begun to walk, he and two of the obsidian beings leading, with Banrax guarding Blast. Both of the beings were carrying lanterns in one hand, spears in the other. Two of the obsidian beings had been sent ahead, and there were four still with them. Escape was impossible.

His mind had been filled with hundreds of questions. Where is Nightshade? Who or what is the Void Circle? And what do they want?

Worry and fear made any thought beyond that impossible. He'd wanted to tell Blast how sorry he was, how he didn't know what they were getting into when they set off in pursuit of the obsidian beings. But as they walked down what seemed to be an endless slope descending deeper into the earth, Shardak began to feel less and less worried, and his thoughts began to diminish, then cease altogether.

Weariness set in slowly, and he began to slow, only the threat of the obsidian beings' spears keeping him half awake. Only the constant, throbbing pain in his side, where the being's spear had struck him the day before, and in his shoulder, where the winged creatures had torn through his armor.

"We are here." announced Banrax.

"What?" asked Blast and Shardak at the same time. All of the beings had halted, but Blast saw nothing remarkable about the stretch of tunnel they currently occupied.

Then Banrax raised his hand, pointing it at the wall. There was a single flash of white light, then he felt something pulling him toward the wall. Winds whipped around him, cold and forbidding. Even though they nearly drowned out sound completely, he was dimly aware of Blast screaming in surprise and shock. He tried to resist, but the inexorable pull on his body and mind dragged him back.

"Do not fight the power." advised Banrax, his voice nearly drowned out by the winds, which were growing stronger. "It will make the transfer less painful."

"Transfer?" Shardak tried to call back, but the winds tore the breath from his mouth before he could speak. Then he saw that the obsidian being's bodies were growing lighter, a strangely glowing field of energy surrounding them. Then, with a flash of light, the heavy winds seemed to tear them apart, the light that surrounded their bodies disintegrating quickly.

Shardak only had time to open his mouth to tell Blast how sorry he was that it would end like this, and barely had time to wonder if they were dying before they vanished in a flash of light. Shardak was conscious only of endless spinning into an abyss far deeper then the one they'd navigated earlier.

With no corporeal body, Shardak was unable to see or sense anything, beyond distinct areas of darkness and light. At first, the void was full of only shadow, but slowly it became filled with several glowing lights in the endless abyss.

First, he sensed an obsidian being. He reached out with his consciousness, and realized that he could almost "see" a faint nimbus of crackling dark energy in the void of shadows. Other colors and pinpoints of light emanated from the void as well.

He soon sensed several more like the first -- the other obsidian beings he realized with a start-- and he began to reach out further into them. He quickly realized that they were alive, but their consciousness was weak, and their senses dull. He felt no response to his probing and withdrew.

Reaching out further into the Void, he sensed Blast. The ebony Glatorian was harder to read then the obsidian beings. While he hadn't felt any emotions or ideas coming from the obsidian beings, he realized the energy he sensed coming from Blast was not just moral light and shadow. They were ideas and emotions. He could feel some type of power within Blast, but it was small and, like everything else he'd sensed within the Glatorian, unreadable. He didn't feel Blast react at all to his presence within the aura that held him intact within the void, and continued to probe, trying to puzzle out Blast's emotions.

He quickly discovered the overwhelming emotion within Blast was fear. Fear of death, fear of annihilation, fear that they would never return to Intax. Once he'd broken through the miasma of terror, he sensed other, fainter emotions. It was impossible to describe how he knew they were there. They were visible in a way something bright, vibrant, or overwhelmingly dark was, as though each consciousness in the void radiated pure energy.

Out of curiousity, he attempted to probe the Blade of Arcturas with his strange sense. He felt fire within it, but it was weak, not activated. Disappointed, he began to probe Blast again and gasped.

This time he realized he could sense the scythe Blast had found, and recoiled in shock. The raw, throbbing power within the scythe was impossible to fathom, so great it tore his own sense into writhing tendrils of matter. He was forced to withdraw slightly or risk his own presence in the Void's destruction. He didn't know whether that would kill him or not, and he hoped to never find out.

Then, suddenly, he felt another presence touch his, the aura mingling with his own, confirming the owner. Banrax! he thought in shock, and began to read their captor's emotions. Surprisingly, he realized the overwhelming emotion was...recognition. Quickly, Banrax withdrew slightly, seeming to realize what he was probing.

The shock emanating from Banrax was so great and unprepared that Shardak thought for a minute the bolt of searing energy would tear his own presence apart. Just when he thought the pain would be too much to bear, Banrax withdrew, and Shardak realized that the vibrant colors that surrounded him were vanishing.

Slowly, vision returned. His eyes were blurry, and his body felt sluggish, as though it was just awakening. Every drop of vitality had been stolen from him in the transfer, and the shock that suddenly the corporeal world had returned was so sudden he almost fell over. When his vision was completely restored he noticed Blast lying on the ground. As he was about to race to his friend's side, Banrax suddenly seemed to sense what he was thinking and moved to intercept him.

"He is alive. Spontaneous matter transfer is very dangerous and debilitating for those who cannot sense the aura field. He will recover in a few hours." the being said. The tone of his voice made Shardak slightly worried. It was as though the being was examining Shardak in a slightly detached yet curious tone, like a being examining a corpse.

"Matter transfer? We were transported here? What happened?" asked Shardak. "What was"

Banrax smiled. "You'll learn soon enough."

"Where are we? Are we still underground?" Shardak asked. With a sinking feeling, he realized the possibility of returning to Intax was growing slimmer every minute.

Banrax merely smiled, his expression cold. "Look around you."

Shardak turned and gasped in shock and awe.

Directly ahead of them, perhaps several bio away, a titanic stone column rose above toward the ceiling of the massive cave in which they stood. The wide stone base of the column was built up with streets, half-fallen walls, and several larger, more elaborate structures. A few glimmered with faint silvery illumination, and here and there a lantern shed green illumination in small pools of green light separated by gulfs of shadow.

Along the pathway leading toward the gates of the massive city, Shardak saw several lanterns lit with the same green light as those carried by the obsidian beings and Banrax, and by that illumination he saw a river of winding gray water surrounded the base of the column in front of the walls. As they walked slowly toward the city gates, Shardak noticed the river flowed into a massive sea that stretched on and on in the distance. In the eerie, cold green illumination, the sea appeared a deep, unfathomable emerald.

The cavern was massive, reaching more then one hundred bio into the air and stretching an undefinable length into the distance. Shardak couldn't tell whether this was made by beings in the distant past by unknown powers, perhaps elemental like those of the Toa, or if it was a naturally occurring phenomenon. Looking around, he saw the cavern was far wider then the tunnel they'd been standing in moments ago, and he could not make out the cavern's walls at all.

"Approach." ordered Banrax, and wordlessly Shardak did so. Dark stones, carelessly thrown together, formed an open gatehouse. The arch revealed a rubble-strewn roadway, a rather rundown wall that had collapsed altogether in some places, and an ominous cityscape beyond.

Although no one seemed to be guarding the gateway, Banrax seemed completely at ease. Raising a clawed hand to point at the archway, he whispered something unintelligable. Almost immediately, several beings seemed to appear in front of them. Shardak almost gapsed in shock when he saw a being seem to materialize in front of him.

The beings were stocky and tall, with pale, almost white eyes. At first they reminded Shardak unnervingly of the creatures they'd fought in the void above, but then he saw a spark of intelligence in their pale eyes and relaxed slightly. They were mostly organic, with light green armor, and one wore a helmet that obscured his face completely except his eyes. They all carried spears that matched those

"Lord Banrax." said one of the beings, bowing slightly. Banrax did not acknowledge the being at all, but gestured imperiously toward the gateway. As he saw several more of the obsidian creatures emerge from the darkness, he began to speak again, this time not in the common language, but in several short words. They reminded Shardak of the common language, and wondered if they were code words.

One of the obsidian beings whispered something in common, and the pale-eyed beings stepped aside fearfully as they watched Banrax's gaze travel over them. Finally he turned and, gesturing for Shardak, Blast, and the rest of his patrol to follow.

Slowly, heart heavy, Shardak stepped past the gate and into the city. Very few beings were standing on the streets, a stark contrast to Intax's usually crowded alleyways. He could see well, thanks to the ghoulish green light that shone down over the city.

As he looked for the source, he saw that it was shining from several tall lampposts that had three-taloned claws grasping luminous spheres of green light. In the eerie glow, Shardak made out several more of the obsidian beings, as well as the pale-eyed creatures that had been guarding the gatehouse. Slowly, as they moved toward the massive spire of earth that stood at the center of the city, the small crowd dwindled.

Then he saw another being. It was neither one of the obsidian constructs or the pale-eyed beings, but a tall, thin individual standing beside one of the lampposts. Bathed in the green half-light, Shardak saw he was wearing a black cloak that shrouded his face in darkness. His entire body was tense and sinewy, and bent slightly forward. One corpse-like hand grasped a small, curved dagger.

Even in the faint illumination, the being's robe appeared darker then the blackest night, as though taunting the light itself. As he saw them pass, he raised his veiled head to stare at them, and Shardak glimpsed cold, red eyes under the hood. Its entire being radiated darkness.

"We're in real danger now, Blast." he whispered shakily as they passed through a much higher gate, with ghostly silhouettes of guards patrolling the ramparts. Blast did not reply.

Banrax halted before the massive spire. Now, up close, Shardak could see the spire was made entirely out of pure black rock, darker then even obsidian. Whereas obsidian gleamed in the darkness, this rock almost seemed to absorb the light like the veiled being's cloak. He could see ornate windows carved into the spire's walls, and with a start he realized the interior was hollow. Two more of the obsidian beings stood rigidly at attention at the nondescript door. Had Shardak not been standing directly in front of the spire, he would not have noticed it.

"Enter." hissed Banrax as the two Glatorian halted, feeling very small and weak in the shadow of this colossal formation.

Shardak couldn't tell in the cold green light, but he thought Banrax was half-smiling at him. But it was not a smile of friendship. It was the smile that a hunter wears after a successful hunt, a detached smirk that spoke of a mission well completed. Uneasily, Shardak and Blast steeled themselves, then stepped through the doorway.

The interior of the spire was lit with several torches, even darker then the lanterns hanging in the city outside. The crackling flames were not orange, but a cold blue or green. Shardak shivered as he passed one of the lanterns, and realized, fascinated but also horrified, that the lanterns gave off not heat, but cold.

"Burning Ice." said Banrax, as though he'd read Shardak's thoughts. "One of the unique substances that occurs naturally in the Void."

Shardak could barely hear him, however. The spire was open and not narrow, but somehow he felt mounting claustrophobia and dread, as though the shadows themselves were closing in on them.

Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity but in reality could have only been about five minutes, Banrax halted before a large steel door. In the cold blue light, Shardak made out runic letters written in a strange language inscribed on the door. Banrax opened the door slightly, then slipped into the room, closing the door silently behind him.

Blast and Shardak stood for a few moments outside the chamber, and heard Banrax's voice through the door, as well as another voice, speaking in a strange language that sounded horribly like nails scraping over a rock. Another voice, slightly deeper then the first but still nasal and rasping, joined the first in the same language.

A few minutes later he heard Banrax whisper several words hastily and opened the door. While he was smiling, his eyes were cold and slightly scared.

"Come." he ordered, motioning for the obsidian beings to remain outside.

Slowly, Shardak and Blast stepped into the chamber. Not knowing at all what to expect, the two Glatorian entered the chamber.

Unlike the rest of the spire, this chamber only had a single blue torch hanging on the wall, the rest of the room was shrouded in darkness. The cold light illuminated two tall, cloaked beings standing in the shadows, their hands corpse-like and emaciated, like the being Shardak had been on the street within the city. Their eyes, cold dark red, burned with a horrible intensity.

Unlike the being in the city, Shardak could see they were wearing masks that hid their faces except for their slitted red eyes. They stared at Shardak impassively, their expressions completely unreadable.

"These beings are the Ix." said Banrax, though Shardak could see his expression was one of fear. He was trying desperately to conceal it, but it was obvious to both Glatorian. "They will ask you several questions."

"You may go." said one of the Ix, his voice cold and nasal. Banrax nodded and hastily walked out the door, his head bowed. Shardak wanted to run out the door as well, but the Ix's cold red eyes kept him anchored to the spot. Both of the Ix did not speak for a few moments, then raised their hands as one.

"Do not fight the darkness." rasped the Ix on the left. "Or it will rend your soul apart."

"The darkness?" asked Blast, and though he tried to keep his voice calm, he was unable to disguise the fear in his voice. "What do you mean?"

The Ix gave not the slightest hint of emotion, but one said, "You will find out soon enough."

"We--" began Shardak, but one Ix held up a hand for silence. Both beings stared at the two Glatorian, and Shardak felt the same sensation he'd felt during the transfer, that another being was touching him. Looking at Blast, he saw his friend was surrounded by a field of energy, simular to the one he'd seen during the transfer. The scythe he carried was a blinding ray of immense energy, and Shardak could not stare at it for long without becoming dazzled.

Then he felt the touch again, and saw a black tendril of energy had touched the white light surrounding him. Slowly, the darkness spread across the entire field, tightening slowly. Shardak felt horrible cold engulf his limbs, holding him almost completely still. He opened his mouth to speak, but felt cold hands on his throat, choking off the words.

Do not fight the darkness. he heard the Ix's nasal rasp in his mind. Let the pain flow through you.

Shardak felt the darkness spread, containing the energy field around him completely, and while he was completely distracted he felt a blinding flash of pain within his skull. He tried to speak, but the flash came again, and this time he felt pain, a harsh jolt against the cold numbness before, spread through his body. While he could not see anything beyond the haze of light and darkness, he was consious of screams coming from the world outside.

The Ix began questioning him, each syllable a painful jolt that wracked his body until he cried out for it to stop. It vanished for a moment, then returned, greater then before.

What is your name?

Where do you come from?

What is your purpose?

Do you know a being called Arcturas?

What do you know of the Empire?

Each word was uttered within his mind, and each word was more painful then the last. He was dimly consious of his mouth moving in reply, and he could see the hazy forms of the Ix channeling bolt after bolt of dark energy into the light field around him, all the while questioning him.

Do you know how to utilize the Aura field?

What do you know of the Empire?

What is your name?

Do you know a being called Arcturas?

"Stop!" he was screaming, over and over. The pain was becoming even more intense now, as though it was scouring his very soul for the truth. The Ix were still questioning him, and he knew that on some level he was replying, but the pain was too great for him to do anything else.

I don't care anymore, let me die, I want to die, stop, stop...the pain-- His thoughts were swept away by the indifferent hand of the Ix as he continued the questioning.

Do you know how to utilize the Aura field?

Where did you come from?

Slowly, their words were again lost in the abyss of pure terror and pain. He felt as though he was drowning in a sea of liquid torment, as though answering the Ix's questions only kept him barely afloat. He was not consious of time, nor did he ever learn how much he'd told the Ix, but slowly he felt the pain begin to drain out of him, and felt the dark energy surrounding his energy field dissipate.

His first thought was, Mata Nui, this hurts. then he fell to the ground, half-consious. He could see Blast leaning against the wall, his eyes half closed and his armor plates somewhat damaged. The torture had left him feeling strangely empty on the inside, as though it had eaten away at his very soul. He could also see Banrax standing in the doorway, his face a carefully composed mask.

"That will be enough." said one Ix, his horrible voice devoid of all emotion as before. Shardak tried to summon up hatred for these pitiless torturers, but could feel nothing but the terrible emptiness within him. "Banrax, take them to the Holding Cells. We will continue the session tomorrow."

Chapter 6Edit

Ko-Matoran Outpost

Three Years Earlier

The shadows were beginning to lengthen as Valkyria returned to the Ix raid squadron. The sun was a burning ember of dark flames in the west, and no stars shone in the sky yet. The Matoran outpost she'd been watching was small, but contained many items of value.

Ever since they'd discovered the portal to the Core Universe, a long-lost exit to their long imprisonment, the Ix had been using hit-and-run tactics in order to gain items of value from Matoran strongholds near the edge of the portal. She'd been scouting ahead, observing their defenses and weaponry.

They didn't have very many weapons, but had something even more precious to the Ix. Information. While they had gained large amounts of the Core Universe's weaponry, they knew very little about the Universe itself, nor had they learned anything about the rulers of the various species that inhabited this universe as well. These Matoran were prestigious recorders, and kept records of many transactions that went on within the Core Universe.

Fortunately for the Ix, they were also reclusive, and did not employ large amounts of mercenaries, as some of the outposts other Ix had raided had. It was perfect for the her first battle. As an Ix apprentice, she would have to prove herself against many other apprentices, who all wished to be the strongest, fastest, and smartest of the new generation.

Recently, Valkyria's mentor, Scrall Vhokyn, had sent her on a scouting mission in the Core Universe. When she'd returned, bearing information about the easily attack outpost, the Ix had mobilized immediately. Both Valkyria and her mentor had been chosen for the attack force.

There were two other apprentices with the strike force as well, and they all wanted what Valkyria herself desired--a chance to kill one or more of the Matoran. Killing the guards of an outpost would garner great fame for both apprentice and master, something all apprentices craved.

Moving stealthily through the undergrowth, her green and brown camouflage blending well with the forests, she saw the Ix camp in the distance. Two guards were standing on the embankment above the small valley, waiting for her return. Silently, she crept toward them.

"Val?" She heard the easily recognizable voice through the forest. "Are you back?"

She dematerialized from the undergrowth, slightly annoyed that her friend had spotted her so quickly.

"I don't know how you do that, Xhallin." she said with mock frustration. While they'd been close when they were younger, now the divisions that separated all apprentices applied to them both. She'd been attempting to hide from him, to confuse him and the other guard.

Xhallin Naar, a tall, broad shouldered Illieran with lime green eyes and dark gray armor, smiled. "I don't know. Luck, I suppose." Then his voice became quieter, full of anticipation. "Can we attack?" he asked.

"They're completely unguarded." answered the Ix apprentice. For whatever reason, Xhall seemed to believe their friendship could continue during their apprenticeships, something that was completely impossible if you had any ambition at all. "We'll win easily." Though she tried to keep her voice neutral, her eyes glittered with anticipation.

"I'll kill more Matoran then you." Xhallin teased, then vanished into the valley to spread word of the coming invasion.

Valkyria sighed, then drew a curved dagger and followed him into the valley. She noticed the other Ix guard had been studying them thoughtfully. As he noticed Valkyria watching him, he nodded once in approval of her cold, neutral attitude towards Xhallin.

Descending into the valley, Valkyria saw that the commander of this attack force, Ix warrior Khazin Thaer, was standing with his senior commanders discussing tactical plans. Valkyria spotted her own mentor, Scrall, with them. Quickly, the meeting dissolved, and Khazin walked over to her.

"Apprentice Rheai." he said in his clipped, hard voice. "Do the enemy have any defenses to speak of?"

"No, commander." answered Valkyria. "They are defenseless, though they all carry poorly made weapons. Several larger beings are with them, but their weapons, while powerful, are too few to resist the might of a full Ix raid squadron."

"And you are sure none of them spotted you?"

"Yes, commander."

"I will gather the warriors, then." Said Khazin, turning away to address the gathering warriors and apprentices.

Khazin's eyes were a cold red, and he was wearing standard light Ix warrior armor, as well as an ornate breastplate carved from obsidian he'd taken during an earlier raid. He had a reputation for being one of the most coldly efficient of all commanders. All of the other Ix were wearing full plate now, Valkyria's green-gray cloak stood out in the mass of shadowy armor.

"We will strike the enemy on both sides, with ten Ix warriors and two apprentices. The rest will strike the enemy head on. Their weaponry is too weak to resist our might." The Ix said nothing more, not even needing to acknowledge their commander's order. They began to group into their attack forces, Scrall and Valkyria joining a group of four other warriors.

"They've probably retreated into their fortress by now." said Scrall. "If so, we'll overwhelm the guards, then attack the outpost's interior with our combined might. If their main force is still outside the fortress, we'll strike them from behind while Commander Thaer's attack force and the other strike team devastates them with assaults.

All of the Ix warriors nodded grimly. Valkyria drew her curved dagger, and vanished with the rest of the Ix into the darkness.

By now, the sun had mostly set, and clouds hid the moon and stars. Valkyria knew this was the perfect time to attack, when the Ix possessed superior weaponry, the cover of darkness, and their night vision which they'd learned the Matoran lacked.

Valkyria knew that her cloak blended almost perfectly with the shadows, but still wished she'd been able to wear full Ix warrior armor. While the camouflage clothing gave her the advantage of speed, if she was stabbed by one of the weapons, no matter how weak, she could easily be killed. For a moment, a slithering tendril of fear invaded her thoughts, but she quickly quashed it. Fear was the first thing an Ix apprentice was taught to avoid.

Still the thought she could be killed by these inferior creatures was startling.

Valkyria's keen vision easily picked out the shadowy forms off two guards. They were not Matoran, but the taller beings she'd seen while she'd been scouting. They were carrying longswords, but their reach did not exceed that of the long scythes that the Ix carried.

"Attack." whispered Scrall quietly, and the Ix silently struck. Valkyria heard scythe clash with sword as one of the Ix warriors cut the tall being to the ground. The second being, further away, heard the clash of arms and whirled around, stabbing his weapon deep into the Ix attacker's body. The attacker was flung backward, and he quietly died, as befitted an Ix warrior.

The being was looking around wildly for more assailants. His eyes alighted on Valkyria, and as he was about to charge her, Scrall struck from behind like a Shallows Cat, plunging two daggers into the being's back. As the guard opened his mouth to call a warning, Scrall pointed a hand at the being. A single ray of dark energy channeled from his aura struck the being, snapping his neck.

As the being collapsed, Valkyria and the four surviving Ix were approaching the fortress. Despite the death of one of their warriors, the attack had been carried out quickly, easily, and efficiently. No one had heard anything inside the fortress.

As the Ix approached the fortress, Valkyria heard the clash of weapons and an abruptly cut off scream. She could see torches flickering within the fortress, and realized quickly that the time for subtlety had passed. She heard another scream as the second guard fell, and saw Scrall smash down the heavily bolted door with a bolt of dark lightning. The rest of the Ix attackers materialized out of the shadows and charged through the door. Valkyria raced forward, along with the rest of the strike force, and saw several white-armored Matoran standing before her. One was talking to Khazin, pleading for their lives.

Khazin smiled grimly. "This is over, fool." he raised his hand and snapped the Matoran's neck before he could open his mouth to reply.

"Murderer!" screamed one of the Matoran, his voice shrill. Valkyria drew back her arm to throw one of her daggers, aiming at the Matoran's heart, but at the same time Scrall flung him against the wall telekinetically. Even with the sound of weapons clashing all around her, Valkyria still heard his spine snap.

Several more Matoran charged Scrall, but he easily overwhelmed them. Khazin was fighting another of the tall beings, forcing him up the stairway. The rest of the Matoran either tried to surrender or fled deeper into the fortress. But the Matoran and their defenders had lost the element of surprise, and Valkyria watched as black blood spattered against the fortress walls.

The battle was over within ten minutes. While brave, the Matoran lacked the sheer power of the Ix, and they were quickly overwhelmed. Valkyria saw that four Ix warriors had been killed in the battle, two cut down by the three remaining tall beings before they were killed, the others felled by the Matoran's sheer numbers.

"Val?" Xhallin's voice broke into her thoughts. "Did you find any Matoran?"

"No." she called back, a note of disappointment in her voice. "This room's empty." Neither she nor Xhallin had been able to kill a Matoran during the battle. One of her daggers had speared through a Matoran's leg, another into a shoulder. But she hadn't slain any of the enemy, nor participated in gathering the Matoran's records. Khazin had overseen the collection personally with Scrall and several others, leaving the three apprentices to search for survivors.

Regrouping with Xhallin and Kresh, the other apprentice, Valkyria listened while they reported the same news-- there were no hidden Matoran in any of the areas they'd searched. Xhallin seemed unhappy, but Kresh was smirking. He'd killed a Matoran in the battle with a scythe, slashing his head off. His victory would bring honor to him and his mentor, damaging the other apprentices' chance to become warriors.

"They're obviously all dead." said Kresh. "Still, we'll complete the search. Continue." he said, acting as though he was their superior already. Valkyria kept her emotions, both in and out of the aura field, unreadable, and continued her search.

For a few moments, all was quiet as Xhallin and Kresh continued their search. Then she heard another voice, a whisper. Reaching out in the aura field, she realized that even with her limited senses, she could almost visualize two beings, both Matoran, hiding from the Ix.

Quietly, Valkyria approached the chamber door and listened there. She heard nothing more, other then the scrape of metal-shod feet against the ground. Slowly, she opened the door.

Two Matoran were standing in the chamber. One was a tall, grizzled gray armored being, carrying a single poorly made weapon. The other was far younger, and he stared at the Ix girl with wide, unblinking eyes.

"Who are you?" asked the tall Matoran. He didn't seem afraid at all. "What do you want?"

"I am Valkyria Rhai, Ix apprentice and aura warrior." said the Ix apprentice.

"And they've sent you to finish off any survivors?" asked the Matoran, before she could continue. He seemed slightly amused.

"I'll have to kill you both." she answered, trying to keep both the shock and slight excitement out of her voice. "But it will be painless if you surrender your weapon."

"But why?" asked the younger Matoran, his eyes even wider. "We've never done anything to you. What-"

"She doesn't mean it." said the older Matoran calmly, challenging Valkyria to deny it. "She's not that much older then you. She'll not kill us, because there's nothing to gain from it."

"You didn't see what I did outside. There were others with her, and they killed as well. She's just as ruthless. She means what she says. Don't--"

"Stop." said the older Matoran. He turned to address Valkyria. "I think it's obvious that you're not about to kill either of us. You don't have it in you to do something like that."

"I am an Ix apprentice. Surrender your weapon and I will kill you both painlessly."

Now the young Matoran was even more scared. "They've probably killed all of the order except us by now. She's not bluffing, Aatron. She will--"

"Be silent." said Aatron. "Valkyria Rhai. If you are going to kill us, then do it now. If not, then let's ta--"

He broke off when he saw Valkyria was holding a dagger in her hand, ready to throw. With a scream, the young Matoran turned around and fled, and just as he did, Valkyria released the dagger.

The younger Matoran turned with a screech just as the dagger entered his body. Valkyria saw blood pour from the open wound, and felt his presence in the aura field deminish, then vanish completely. In stark contrast to feeling elated, she was unnerved at how his life had simply slipped away, falling into endless darkness.

Aatron's shocked eyes stared at her as she moved to retrieve her dagger. The slain Matoran's blood covered the hilt, and she winced as she felt the blood drip onto her hand.

Valkyria turned back to Aatron, and saw his face was a mask of fury. "There was no reason to do that, Ix apprentice." he practically spat the title. "He was no threat to you. Why would you--" he broke off, unable to continue. His eyes were filled with unshed tears, and for a moment, Valkyria felt something like uneasiness within her. Something was telling her what she'd just done was horribly wrong, but she couldn't quite understand anything beyond that.

Aatron had raised his weapon now, and Valkyria readied another dagger to fight. As his crazed eyes blazed into hers, he snarled, "This is for--"

He broke off suddenly, and fell to the ground, his blood mingling with that of the fallen Matoran's. His eyes glazed over and he whispered something unintelligible. Then Valkyria felt him slip quietly out of existence as well.

Turning to the doorway, she saw Scrall Vhokyn standing there, a second dagger in his hand ready to throw. His armor was slightly bloodied, but he appeared unwounded.

Scrall pointed at the body of the younger Matoran. "You killed that one?" he asked. Valkyria nodded, still not entirely comfortable with what had transpired.

"You have done well, Apprentice Rhai." he said. Valkyria felt the cold abyss within her give way to warmth, and began to relax. She'd done the right thing, killing the Matoran for her order.

"I wish to present you with this weapon as well." continued Scrall, drawing a long dagger from his sheath. Valkyria almost gasped in shock, but then remembered and cloaked her emotions in the aura field.

The dagger was long and curved, and seemed to be made of molten silver. As she grasped the cold obsidian hilt, she saw a shiver run down the blade, as though it had found its rightful owner. Valkyria marveled at how perfect the weapon was for her, how completely attuned she felt to it, as though it had been made for her.

"Its name is Laetari-Xyrr, or Silverblade." said Scrall. "It is one of the original weapons that our Ix ancestors crafted before the Exile. Use it well in the service of the Ix order."

Valkyria nodded, and they returned to the gathering Ix warriors and apprentices. Xhallin's eyes widened when he saw the weapon she was carrying, and Kresh stared daggers at her when he saw the blood on her hands, but neither of them spoke.

Scrall strode toward Khazin, and reported what he and Valkyria had done, then the Ix regrouped and left the bodies of the Matoran and the fallen Ix lying within the fortress now devoid of life. But Valkyria felt uneasy, and her thoughts kept returning to the Matoran she'd killed.

In action, it had been simple. A dagger thrown, a life ended. In the aftermath, it had changed her forever, turned her from an innocent to a killer. The uneasiness grew deeper, and Valkyria, recognized it as guilt. She still felt that what she'd done to the Matoran was horribly wrong, even though everything else, including the Ix blood that flowed in her veins, told her it was right.

Valkyria realized with cold shock that she'd never even learned the Matoran's name.

Chapter 7Edit

Banrax grinned coldly as he walked the two Glatorian prisoners down a darkened corridor. The air within this corridor seemed to be laden with dread, as though the memories of all who had wasted away in this spire still lingered here.

"This is your cell." Banrax's voice jolted Shardak back to the present. They were standing in front of a large cell carved into the rock itself. Shardak felt despair sink into him. There was no way they could ever escape that.

"We will continue interrogation tomorrow." said Banrax, his cold eyes staring at Shardak intently as they entered the cell. The interior was lit with the same cold blue flame torches that had hung within the rest of the spire.

"More of that horrible torture?" gasped Shardak, enraged. "What have we ever done to you? We were just looking for--"

"Silence!" snarled Banrax. "I do not know why you trespassed on the Circle's territory. Nor do I care. Your interrogation will continue tomorrow." he looked down at Blast's unconscious form. "As will your friend's."

The way he was looking at Blast made Shardak shudder, as though he was slowly destroying his friend's mind and enjoying every moment of this. The yellow Glatorian wondered if Blast would ever awaken, and if he did, forgive him for getting into this mess.

He heard the door slam shut as Banrax departed, and felt within that sound grim, cold finality.

It was over.

Their short, ill-fated expedition had come to this horrible end, and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it.

Over the course of three days, more interrogation sessions with the Ix followed. Shardak and Blast rarely spoke, but it was because the interrogation sessions left them completely drained, tearing all of the vitality from their bodies in a single decisive swipe.

In the spire, time lost all meaning. After one sleepless night, his time in the Holding Cells seemed to ebb and flow all around him, and hours seemed to last for years. During moments of icy clarity, Shardak wondered if this was a feature of the Ix's terrible torture-- to lose one's grasp of time itself.

During one such moment of clarity, Banrax entered the cell, informing them that Blast would now be separated from Shardak for "security reasons." Part of Shardak's mind rebelled, but he was unable to protest as Blast was led away before his eyes.

What seemed like the next moment, he was suddenly, startlingly awake for the first time since the two Ix had tortured them. From outside he could hear the lock rattle, then watched as the door swung open.

Shardak's breath caught in his throat. Was it Blast? Or was it Banrax, his horrible, hungry-looking mask about to tell them it was time to continue interrogation?

Then he saw it was neither. The being that stood before him was tall, heavily armored in dark crimson mail. He carried a massive curved scimitar in one hand, a spear in the other. His eyes were blue, warm and generous. They spoke of great suffering, but also great wisdom.

However, his face was a mask of urgency. "There's no time to explain." he whispered to Shardak. "You have to come with me. Just let me tell you that I am no friend of the Ix and do not intend to harm you. Come!"

He reached out an armored hand, but Shardak declined. Was this an elaborate trap? A complex series of mad designs orchestrated by the Ix themselves? What did this being want?

The crimson being sighed. "If you don't come with me, all is lost! The Ix are close to figuring out who you really are. Once they find out--" he broke off suddenly. "Trust me!"

For one brief moment, Shardak hesitated. He had no idea whether Blast was still alive, or what the Ix wanted of him. For a moment he wondered if it had something to do with the "aura field" the Ix torturers kept mentioning. Then, confused, desperate, scared, yet still hopeful he could find Nightshade and bring this nightmare to an end, Shardak grabbed the being's hand.

The crimson being's eyes brightened. "I know the way out." he said, "And I've already disabled several Copy guards that tried to stop me."

"What about the Ix?" asked Shardak, his voice scared. "They've been--"

"I know what they do to prisoners." said the crimson being darkly. "I've been in their claws before." Something about his voice made Shardak lose all thoughts that this being was lying. As they raced down the darkened corridor, Shardak felt his old curiosity begin to return. Perhaps this being could answer all of his questions about the Ix, Banrax, and the obsidian beings. Perhaps there was some way out of this after all.

Then he remembered the cold, sardonic eyes of the Ix watching him being escorted to the spire, and the horrible interrogation sessions, and his hope began to crumble once more.

"We are here." said the being. Shardak looked up and saw the being was about to open the door to the spire. Quickly undoing the lock, they left the spire.

Words failed to describe how much pain seemed to be lifted from both Shardak's body and mind as a rush of cold air washed over him. In contrast to the dark, claustrophobic atmosphere of the spire, the city seemed open and bright. While it had done nothing to ease his fear that Banrax, the obsidian beings, or the Ix would notice them, nor had it eased the strange dread he felt within this city, it had cleared his mind of the Ix's dark designs.

Then reality rushed back. Shardak noticed armed guards, both obsidian constructs and pale-eyed beings, patrolling the inner wall that surrounded the spire. There was no way out. To Shardak's surprise, none of the beings seemed to notice they had just emerged from the spire. They looked warily at the doorway, but did not seem to notice they'd opened it.

"Why haven't they noticed us?" he whispered.

"A simple trick. I cloaked the door's opening using an illusion, and are cloaking our presence in the physical world with the aura field. Thank Mata Nui there were no Ix guarding this area, they'd see right through it. I'll explain everything after we're out of danger."

Shardak looked around and saw that, indeed, they seemed to be slipping through the shadows themselves. They were almost completely invisible, and if anyone even spotted them, it would only be for the briefest of moments. They'd dismiss it as a trick of the eye.

Quietly, the crimson being and Shardak approached the gate. In the cold green light, Shardak saw that the gate was bolted. The being, however, acted like nothing was wrong. Slowly, both he and Shardak began to grow even less visible, and vanished altogether. Shardak saw a field of energy, like the one surrounding Blast and the Ix, enveloped their invisible bodies as they passed through the wall itself.

"What happened?" he asked, when he'd recovered from the shock. They were standing in the long, winding road at the center of the city. For a moment around frantically for some sign of obsidian beings or Ix, then relaxed when he saw there were none.

Slowly, they began to grow corporeal again. Shardak saw them both briefly materialize in the physical world, then slip into the realm of indistinct shadows once more.

"My mask power is-- or, was, intangibility. I can still access the power. I'll tell you everything soon." said the being in reply. Shardak opened his mouth to respond, then paused when he saw the tall, mechanical form of an obsidian being walking past them. Shardak thought then they were lost, but the being passed them as though they were not there and Shardak breathed again.

"We're here." said the obsidian being after a few moments. Shardak looked up and saw they were standing before a nondescript, rather run-down building on the edge of a narrow street. A single of the menacing lampposts shed light on the house, revealing two dented windows and a stone door.

Slowly, the being pushed open the door, then breathed in deeply when they were both inside. Suddenly dizzy, Shardak leaned against the wall, and when he recovered he saw that the being looked extremely tired.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"An aftermath of the Aura Cloak I used. I'll recover."

Shardak felt as though his head was going to explode with questions. Who were the obsidian beings? Were was Blast? What did the Ix want with them? What did this being want with them?

The being must have somehow sensed his confusion, because he raised a single hand. "Please, sit. I will tell you everything, starting at the beginning.

"First of all, my name is Silencer. I am--or was, a Toa of Fire"

"A Toa?" asked Shardak incredulously. "They disappeared ages ago, long before the Kodax. And besides, I know what Toa look like. They resemble Glatorian, and you really have no resemblance to one."

"I said I was a Toa. I am no longer. But for me to explain, I need to know where you come from, and a little about you and your friend. How much do you know of the Ix?"

"Very little." admitted Shardak. His mind was awhirl; could he really trust this total stranger? Then again, he'd freed him from the grasp of Banrax and the Ix, so it was possible he was a potential ally.

Oh, Karzahni. he thought, finally, and began, describing their life in Intax under the petty and brutal Kodax. He then told Silencer about Arcturas and Nightshade, but not revealing their names, and how they'd returned home to find the street burning, He described the obsidian beings, their threats, and Arcturas' death. He then recounted how he and Blast had discovered Nightshade had been captured, and how they'd pursued the obsidian beings through the strange void. The told of their battle with the strange white draconic beings and their capture by Banrax, the journey through the void and the strange energy fields.

Finally, in a ragged whisper, he told of the horrible torture he'd suffered at the hands of the Ix for what had seemed like years. He told Silencer that Banrax had separated him and Blast, and how the Ix kept asking if he knew how to utilize the "aura field."

Finally, Silencer asked, "Your father. What was his name?"

"Arcturas." replied Shardak.

Silencer was good at concealing his emotions beneath his helmet, but he was unable to stop the jolt of recognition from flashing across his face. He stared at Shardak in complete shock for a few moments, then let out a ragged whisper,

"Did you tell them his name? Did you tell the Ix Arcturas' name?"

Shardak suddenly felt horribly ashamed that he'd elicited this reaction from Silencer. And while his time in the Hold was a blur, he remembered telling the Ix that his name was Arcturas.

"Yes." he whispered. "They forced me to tell them."

Silencer's face was grim. "Then it is even worse then I thought. No wonder there were no Ix present on the streets today."

Shardak was growing impatient now. Silencer seemed to be deliberately not explaining anything about this "Circle." to him, and he finally asked.

"I've told you everything I know." he said. "Now, you have to explain. What is the Circle? Who are the Ix? What is this aura field they keep mentioning? What are the obsidian creatures? Do the Ix control them? What-"

"I will, indeed, answer your questions, though there is much I do not know." said Silencer. "So you come from the Kodax's small empire in the Eastern Fells. I'd expected this, if you lived within any of the other mountain kingdoms or in the Ix's cities, you'd have been discovered by now."

"Hold on." Shardak said. You mean the Kodax only rule a small part of the world? They don't control anything beyond the Fells? They said--"

"I am aware of the propaganda." Silencer cut him off. "But you're still only asking questions and not letting me answer any of them. Please, be silent. I am aware of what the Ix did to you, but if you wish to survive, you have to listen."

Silencer paused, and Shardak nodded mutely. After a few minutes the former Toa began,

"For over one hundred years, there was a great order that ruled over much of this world, Xaterex. They kept the Kodax that dwelled in the mountains at peace, and forced them to free many of their slaves.

"I was born during the dying days of this order. I was taken among potential candidates for Toa Stones, as it was done during those days, and became a Toa. By the time I came into existence, however, the order was already close to extinction, having been scattered by war.

"Six years after I was born, a total solar eclipse fell over Xaterex, that lasted an entire year. This had been prophecised centuries ago, and it was said there that the year would bring an end to our ancient order.

"While there had been peace since the ancient Storm Wars over a century ago, powerful Makuta with ambitions began striking out that year. Their aim was to rule all of the known universe, and they came close to defeating the entire order. During that year, in the insane turmoil that followed the defeat of the Makuta rebels, a new order was founded, one that was supposed to keep peace among the various factions that existed."

Silencer sighed, as though the memories were horribly painful. "The Ix corrupted this order from within. They turned the leaders against the common people, made them so arrogant that they began to believe their destiny was not to serve, but to rule. The war that followed was the bloodiest and most chaotic since the Storm Wars themselves, and when it finally ended, the Ix controlled nearly the entire planet."

Shardak was struck silent. In a single blow, Silencer had annihilated all of his old beliefs about the universe. Some of this he'd known, of course. Many ancient Matoran who were born in the years following the Storm Wars still told of the bloody battles in Laverna Realm that created a massive war. He'd never heard, however, of this mysterious order, or of the Ix.

"I fought during that final war." said Silencer. "I watched as the Ix destroyed the final remnant of everything we'd worked for for hundreds of years. This is how I came by my mutation. During a battle my body was mutated by energized protodermis, ruining my Toa powers and many of my powers in the aura field."

Shardak suddenly felt very sheltered. The horrible fear that a rival Kodax tribe would destroy their leaders seemed small and far-off now.

"And since then, for more then one hundred years the Ix have ruled us." finished Silencer. "For reasons known only to themselves, they left much of the Kodax's mountain territories alone. Ironically, the once bloody Fells are one of the safest places to live on Xaterex."

Shardak, far from understanding, felt more confused then ever. "What does this have to do with me?" he asked. Some part of his being, however, felt as though this had everything to do with him. As if this was some inevitable part of his destiny, and that his life had come full circle?

"The truth is, Shardak, I don't know. But this brings me to the final part of my tale, and hopefully then you will understand.

"I sensed your presence in the Aura field the moment you entered the Circle. You had no idea how much power was within you, and I was afraid the Ix would figure out that you could sense the field. When you passed through the Void between dimensions, your aura somehow reached out and...melded with mine. Then I began to wonder if you were more then just a powerful aura wielder."

Silencer sighed, as though wondering if he should say something more, then finally said, "The prophecy during the war also predicted the coming of a Last Toa, one who had a destiny..." He trailed off for a moment, then continued. "Many, many beings were searching for this Toa, but he was never found."

Silencer paused, and Shardak suddenly knew, with horrible certainty, what he was about to say.

"When I touched you in the Aura Field, I knew immediately you were a Toa. And when you told me your father's name was Arcturas, I realized I was correct. You, Shardak, are the Last Toa prophesied during that year."

"Me?" gasped Shardak. "How is that possible? I've lived all my life in the Fells. I've never heard of the Ix, or--"

"If you've never heard of the Ix, then consider it a blessing." said Silencer coldly. "You saw what they were capable of during your interrogation. But I think you know more then even you know, Shardak. Search your memories, and I think one day you will find what you are looking for."

Shardak tried to think back, but like all being's earliest memories, they remained teasingly out of reach. "I...can't." he whispered.

Then he asked, "What is the Aura field? The Ix were asking me about this during interrogation constantly, and when I told them I didn't know...they..." he trailed off as he thought of the horrible, pressing darkness, as though he was falling into an endless abyss of shadows.

"I know. I've suffered their torture before during the war." said Silencer. "Anyway, the power of aura is simple. Each being, each object, has a field of energy around them. Tapping into this aura field allows one to be able to sense emotions and ideas. The field has been around as long as the multiverse has existed, and some believe it is a being with a will and purpose of its own."

"So that's why when I fought the white beings in the void I was able to sense their animalistic instincts." guessed Shardak. Silencer nodded. "Advanced controllers of this field can use it as a weapon as well. There can be nothing more powerful then using someone's own aura against him. It is...unusual for Toa to have Aura as an element. Toa of Aura were very rare, even before the war."

"You're a Toa of Aura as well, aren't you?" said Shardak, remembering how Silencer had told him he'd used the aura field to cloak them both from the eyes of the pale-eyed and obsidian beings. "When the obsidian being passed by us, it didn't even notice us at all."

"No, I was a Toa of Fire. Since my original powers were lost, I can only sense and use several limited Aura field powers. Perhaps it was a side effect of the energized protodermis that changed me. And the obsidian beings that killed your friend are Copies of Corpse. The Ix's shock troopers."

Shardak's mind was still full of questions about the origins of the Circle and the Ix, but he decided to ask the most obvious of questions that came to mind.

"What do you need me for?"

"The Ix suspect that you are the Toa in the prophecy as well." said Silencer. "That's why they've seperated you from your friend. I don't know what they intend, but we've fought them all our lives, and we can't let our last hope of victory slip away now."

"We? There are others with you who fight the Ix?" asked Shardak.

"Not quite." came a new voice. Both Shardak and Silencer almost jumped in shock as two more beings emerged from the shadows.

One was tall, covered in yellow and orange full plate armor. He had three eyes, one set above the others, and his face glistened, as though coated by cold slime, like that of a squid. The other being was smaller, rake-thin and bent over. He carried two long daggers and had a blue-armored head with insectlike mandibles and cold eyes that regarded them both intently.

"Ion, Melnox. Welcome." said Silencer. "Have you been listening to our entire conversation?"

"No, we only arrived recently." said Melnox. Shardak recoiled in shock. Melnox's voice was resonant and deep, with a hint of Silencer's own accent. It didn't fit at all with his cold eyes or insectlike appearence. "We would've arrived through the front door, but the entire Circle is swarming with Ix."

"Are we safe here?" said Shardak, suddenly worried that the Ix would find them again.

"Probably." answered Ion. His voice was simular to Melnox's and Silencer's. "This place has been abandoned for years. Still, this might be a good time to get moving to another safe house."

"I haven't asked for his cooperation yet." said Silencer. His voice seemed heavy, as though what he was about to ask weighed heavily on his mind.

"Shardak, we can't fight the Ix. Even with your help, we still can't fight them. But we cannot let you be captured by them. It could mean the final ruin of Xaterex and the worlds beyond."

Shardak's mind was still spinning. He'd been taken from torture at the hands of the Ix by this group of rebels who had no way to battle the Ix at all, but needed to prevent him at all costs from falling into their hands. He'd heard Silencer say he believed he was the subject of an ancient prophecy. He felt as though he should have been amazed or in shock at what they believed, but he was simply confused. Even his hatred of the Copies of Corpse, which extended to the Ix now as well, had been dulled to a low ache deep within him.

"What do you intend?" he asked finally.

"We need time. Time to train you in the ways of the aura field, to control your elemental power. Many prisoners are taken from the worlds above the Circle, and we can disguise you as a worker near the Edgelands while we train you to control your powers."

He said now, in a softer tone, "I know how incredibly confusing this must be for you."

Join with Silencer? Leave Blast to fend for himself in the cluches of the Ix? Shardak's head was spinning. All of these revelations were throwing his mind into turmoil.

REVENGE! The thought tore through Shardak's mind like a bolt of lightning. While at first he'd thought this was a stranger's war, he knew now that he'd been fighting the war ever since Arcturas' death. The Ix had killed his father. There was no way around that. If Silencer and the others could train him to control his powers over the Aura field, then he could rescue Nightshade and Blast.

"I will join you. There's nothing left for me in Intax now." as he said these words, he realized how true he was. Everyone he cared about was either dead or in the claws of the Ix.

And the Ix would pay for killing Arcturas.

"Good." said Ion as Silencer and Melnox prepared to leave the safe house. "We will need your power very soon."

Chapter 8Edit

The dark wasteland snaked into the distance, a black void, cold against the green lantern Shardak carried. The Glatorian--no, Toa, he had to remind himself-- found it unnerving that the shadows did not flee from the light as darkness did in the world above. It reminded him of the spire. And Blast.

And the Ix.

"Melnox?" The voice, light and innocent, jerked Shardak back to reality. He turned to regard the Matoran standing next to him as he replied to his assumed name.

"Yes, Barit?" he asked, trying to make his voice sound casual. "Are we almost to Circle's Edge?"

The Onu-Matoran's eyes gleamed with excitement. "Almost." he said. There was no trace of discomfort in his voice. Shardak had quickly learned that all the Matoran here had spent so long underground they were almost blinded by bright light, and could see perfectly in the dark.

He'd also learned so much more during his time in the Circle. After the fateful meeting with Silencer and Melnox when he'd discovered that he was a Toa and learned of his powers in the aura field, Silencer and his allies had taken them to a second safe house and explained their plan to him.

"Untrained." Silencer had said, "You are a danger to everyone, but mostly to yourself. We can train you in both physical combat and in the ways of the aura field, but we need time. And time is not on our side. The Ix will never give up searching for you, and unless we can train you quickly then somehow get you out of the Circle you'll stand no chance if you flee."

"Can't you just escape with me and train me in Intax? Then--" he had stopped when Silencer cut him off.

"I'm a citizen here, and so is Ion. The Ix do not know Melnox exists, or if they do, they have not chosen to arrest me for it. As such we are not allowed beyond the Skull Gates or any gatehouse." said Silencer. "I've breached their security before, but that was only for--" he broke off suddenly, then continued. "Anyway, I'd never be able to escape this place without hundreds of Ix on my tail."

"And besides." said Ion, his voice raw with emotion. "What do you think would happen to our friends?"

"They'd slaughter them. The Ix would kill them all." answered Silencer, his voice oddly flat as he said those words.

Shardak was about to reply no sane ruler would ever do such a thing. Then he'd remembered the horrible torture he'd suffered at the hands of the two Ix interrogators and the words dissolved in his mouth.

"Can I go back to Intax after this is all over?" Shardak had asked.

"If you can learn to control your aura powers, you can. You're a massive presence in the field, Shardak. I'm surprised the Ix didn't sense you earlier." Silencer had answered, looking thoughtful.

"Anyway, I've talked with Ion and Melnox, and we've agreed on a plan.

"We're going to disguise you as a Glatorian slave on the Circle's Edge. Recently captured, you'll say you know very little about the Circle and need to be taught everything a slave needs to know. Mostly about how we owe the Ix everything and how to work properly." said Silencer.

Shardak nodded, but then felt a pang of anxiety. "Do the Ix monitor all slave transactions as well?"

Silencer smiled grimly. "Yes, but there are many, many technically illegal deals that are made for Glatorian, Agori, and Matoran slaves. The--"

"Matoran here buy other Matoran?" asked Shardak, shocked.

"Not those from the Circle. Those from the worlds above." said Silencer. "Or lower class Matoran, such as Ga-Matoran or Le-Matoran."

Chapter unfinished...



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