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Into the Darkness is a story by Varkanax39, detailing the beginning of the Xaterex Civil War.


Silent as a wraith, the dark figure moved silently through the shadowy tunnels. The flickering torches illuminated his crimson armor and primal features. Two glowing red eyes, calculating but not malevolent, surveyed the chamber, searching for any sign of another being. Slowly, he began to relax, and strode down the tunnel. Had anyone been watching, they would have noticed he left no footprints at all.

And as far as the being knew, there was no one watching him. However, another pair of eyes was watching him intently.

Shardak drew the Veiled One cloak he was wearing around him, breathing as silently as he could to avoid dectection, either by Melnox or another one of the hidden traps in the makeshift arena. There could be up to fifty different traps within this wide chamber, and allowing even one to get the better of him would mean failure, for both him and Blast.

It feels like I've lived below Iron Canyon forever. reflected Shardak as Melnox again scanned the chamber. Shardak's eyes followed him closely, paying close attention to the way he walked carefully around a hidden trap and bypassed a narrow chasm.

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