Intav is an insane Matoran of Blood.



Intav's early life is unknown, however, he was eventually recruited into the Matoran of Blood.

He was stationed in the Twilight Void by general Syth.

He is currently a guard over the Matoran of Blood base.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

File:Twilight warriorofblood.JPG

Intav is visous and cruel. He is insane, and willing to kill to spread the Matoran of Blood across the multiverse. Unlike most Matoran of Blood, Intav was not made extremely stronger by the Blood Vats, instead, they gave him powers of minor regeneration, as well was the Hand of the Marauder.


Intav carries the Hand of the Marauder, the head of a Soul Marauder fused to his biomechanical body, as well as a club.


  • As Intav's Hand of the Marauder belongs to a still-intact MOC of Varkanax39's, the Soul Marauder, this MOC has been taken apart.
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