"Iceye" was a Corpsian and a member of the Corpsian Legion.



Early LifeEdit

Iceye was created by Skorpix, a long with Vaarex, to serve as brute power and force.

Eventually, after the defeat of Teridax and the reformation of Sphereus Magna, He sent Iceye and Vaarex to find out about the new planet. They never returned.

Sphereus MagnaEdit

After hunting down a small group of Matoran, Iceye abandoned his partner, then departed for The Pit.

A few months later he returned, and began hiring himself as a mercenary to anyone in need of his services.

What he is doing now is unknown.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Iceye was brutal, and not at all subtle, and has a short temper. He carries a Thornax Launcher and a Ice Sword.


  • Iceye was created by Varkanax 39
  • Iceye has a true name, but only he, Skorpix, and Vaarex know it.
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