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Hybrids are fusions of living and half-dead beings, and the main antagonists of Expulsion


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Known Hybrids[]

Varkanax/The Shadowed One[]

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After Nightfang was made a Hybrid by The Shadowed One's orders, He and Gorast captured Shardak and brought him to the Odina Splinter. He seemed to have a high position, the hightest ranking hybrid next to Gorast and Varkanax. After Shardak, Blast, and Mata Nui escaped the Odina Splinter, Exterminator persued them, Shardak suceeding in overcoming him and taking the Scepter of Good. In the final Battle, Exterminator fought Blast/Shardak in a running battle before being desintegrated by the Weapons of Good.


The second hightest ranking Hybrid, Gorast was the second Hybrid ever created. She and Exterminator captured Shardak and brought him to the Odina Splinter. Gorast directed all of the proceedings, creating multipule new Hybrids from Hand of Mata Nui vessals to serve Varkanax. However, Blast and Mata Nui attacked and freed him. After most of her army was destroyed by Blast/Shardak, she confronted them at the edge of the Tower of Dreams. Eventually, Shardak lost control of Blast's body, and wounded badly. However, Blast was able to grab and fire the Scepter at the last moment, killing Gorast.


Hakann attacked Blast/Shardak after Gorast was killed, and escaped being disintegrated. Later, Hakann fled to the Core Processor, where he was possessed by Teridax. He was killed by Blast, shoved into the Core Portal and disintegrated.


A hybrid created at the Odina Splinter. He was killed by Shardak/Blast near the Hand of Mata Nui base.

Shardak/Unknown Dead Being[]

Created using the Mask of Life from Shardak's body. Killed by Shardak/Blast at the Laverna Realm

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Abilities and Traits[]

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