Gharun is an insane Matoran of Blood.



Gharun's early life is unknown, but eventually he joined the Matoran of Blood in Metru Nui under general Skarn.

Eventually, he became part of a small group of Matoran of Blood recruiters under Skarn.

Skarn then took him out on his final accessment, where he captured a young Matoran.

He, Skarn, another Matoran, and the new recruit are currently hiding out in Metru Nui, trying to recruit more members into the Matoran of Blood organization.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Gharun is cold and precise on the outside, but totally insane within. He will do anything to aid Skarn in spreading the work of the Matoran of Blood to Metru Nui. Like all Matoran of Blood, he became taller and stronger when exposed to the Blood Vats.


Gharun carries a large spear and sword. His Kanohi is unknown.

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