Flame is a Corpsian commander in the White Lightning Division.




Flame fought in the Corpsian War against the Hand of Mata Nui.

Writhing DarknessEdit

Flame was one of the White Lightning sent by Skorpix to aid the Limiters. He participated in the War of Dracabra's Claw against the Hand.


Flame fought in the Battle for the Dominion Orb.


Flame fought Ion in the Battle of the Scoured Land. He was later summoned by Eostra and killed by the Great Being in the Core Processor. After the being reversed time after Teridax's arrival, Flame awoke with his brethen in the Core.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Flame is a prototype created by Skorpix, and thus has emotion and is scorned by his black-robed brethen. Flame has a firey temper with his underlings, but is one of the more competent Corpsians.


Flame weilds two shortspears.

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