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Template:WriterTemplate:Elemental Prince Eostra Nihiltian is the dark leader of the Shadowy Ones and the leader of the Corpse Empire. Originally an Elemental Prince of the Annihilation Kingdom, Eostra, power-hungry and darkly talented, masterminded the deadly Great Being Wars, that resulted in massive losses of life and the destruction of three planets. She later seized power in the Rebublic of Xaterex, becoming leader, and eventually took control of the Rebublic by force and turning it into the Corpse Empire, unknowingly being manipulated by Nihiltidax. She and her elite servants, the Shadowy Ones, then began a century-long campaign of destruction across the Solis Magna System, eventually taking control of most of the known universe.


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Non-Storyline Appearences[]

Dark Realities[]

Main article: Dark Realities

In the Dark Realities Universe, Eostra Nihiltian allied her forces with those of Millennium and the "Dark Lord". The three dark lords suceeded in conquering the newly reformed Spherus Magna, and imposed a harsh rule over all the beings living there.

Later, a group of rebels against Eostra's rule mentioned having trying to seize Water Stones from her terrritories, but were driven back by the bounty hunter Nightwatcher.

Abilities and Traits[]

Eostra has utterly no personality whatsoever. She is the most powerful Elemental Prince ever created, with complete control over annihilation.


Eostra carries two items of the Weapons of Evil, the Scepter of Evil and the Dominion Orb.


  • Eostra was the first Elemental Prince to create a Corpsian.
  • Eostra is Varkanax39's favorite Elemental Prince.
  • "Eostra Nihiltian" is an anagram of "Is the annihilator".


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