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The' 'Elimination Plague is a powerful disease extracted Varkanax' netherdimension.


The Elimination was first discovered by Skorpix, when he was contacting Varkanax. The virus carried with him back to Voidrealm and Voidrealm was eventually destroyed. It was spreading rapidly and was killing the traitors' servants so the Traitors quarantined the area with magical barriers. Lariska called the Virus Dominion, and began thinking of a way for the Dark Hunters to use it.

Elimination Tests Unleashed[]

Lariska imported vial of Elimination in a liquid form and brought it to Odina. She then created a trial run of the plague and Poison Blaster of Corpse, who was immune to it and was able to spread the trial run quickly and efficiently. It has killed over 140,000,000 matoran to this day, and nearly depopulated the Matoran Universe before finally ceasing after Elimination was redied.

Full-Strength Elimination Readied[]

Lariska has recently redied the full-strength virus for use. It is designed to systematically torture matoran to kill them in the period of about a second, but it feels like a lifetime to the victim. She unleashed a test on Nevox's home, ad it destroyed the islad utterly, with oly evox ad Viri escapig alive.

Elimination Unleashed[]

The Traitors attempted to launch it, along with the atmosphere killing Elimination, but failed, and were stopped by Shardak, Blast and the Hand. The only remaining source of Elimination, the liquid, is with Nightshade, trapped in the Twilight Void.