An Elemental Prince is a Powerful four-legged morphing species



An Elemental Prince is the embodiment of a certain Element, hence giving the being complete control over that element(Eg An Elemental Prince of fire could control an entire being made of flame). An Elemental Prince can change it's body, therefore enabling it to do things it couldn't before, such as flying or breathing underwater. Some Elemental Princes carry a Soul Ball, an irreplaceable object containing it's soul. If the Soul Ball is opened, the user drops "dead" for a short period of time, allowing the user to float in a spectral form. Depending on the goodness in the heart of the Prince, the soul will be different(Eg If an evil Elemental Prince opened it's Soul Ball, then a blackened twisted soul would emerge, having powers of darkness). Only Elemental Princes with the Makuta Antroz-type body can carry a  Soul Ball.

Known Elemental PrincesEdit

  • Magmarax, Elemental Prince of Magma, fought Scorpix
  • Tradox, Elemental Prince of Sonics, fought Scorpix
  • Iceirax, Elemental Prince of Ice, killed by Scorpix, remade, helped the Hand as Toa Akknu, then was killed again

Other InformationEdit

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