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Template:Writer Template:Conflict The Battle for the Dominion Orb was a massive battle between the Hand of Mata Nui and Seven Traitors for the possession of the Dominion Orb.



Shardak, after fleeing from the Shadowy Ones, was forced to lead them to Kyhrex, who had the Dominion Orb. After the Hand of Mata Nui found Shardak and the Shadowy Ones, thousands of Limiters of Corpse sprang to the Traitors' side.

The battle[]

A colossal battle began, which the Hand began to lose because of the overwhelming weight of numbers. Blast then appeared with about fifty spirits from the death dimension, including Silencer and Artidax. Artidax managed to kill Varkanax, but even without the Elemental Demons, the Shadowy Ones' forces continued to win.

Finally, Nex, seeing a chance to save Shardak, killed herself to destroy the Dominion Orb. However, without another sacrifice, the Orb could still be recovered, and Shardak used his life powers to retrieve both Varkanax's body and the Orb, destroying the Orb with Varkanax's energies. The Shadowy Ones retreated, their attempt at retrieving the Orb a failure.


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