Aspects of Corpse are Corpsians of modereate power who serve as Commanders in Corpsian armies.




Aspects of Corpse were created by Eostra when she tried to summon a deceased Elemental Prince

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Known AspectsEdit

  • A Corpsian Leader who led the attack on Arcturas and Shardak
  • A group of Aspects who faught in the battle against Arcturas and Shardak (Some deceased)
  • Corpse, a Skorpix-created prototype Aspect
  • An Aspect who led the attack in Dissolution
  • A Group of Aspects from the White Lightning Division (deceased)
  • A Group of Aspects with The Fury
  • 2 Aspects who patrolled the Holding Cells (Both Deceased)


  • The Model was created by Jareoden97
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