Arcturas Neutralized Background
Biographical information

175 AYD, Xaterex[1]

Physical description




Eye color

Dark blue [1]


Psionics, fire, aura[2]


Blade of Arcturas[1]

Chronological and political information

Arcturas' Toa team[1]

Arcturas was a Glatorian and the "father" of Shardak and Nightshade. His past is shrouded in mystery, but it is known he fought Skorpix for control of the legendary "Spirit Toa" at one point.

Later, he became a paternal figure for young Toa and Glatorian Shardak and Nightshade, but was eventually hunted down by Copies of Corpse and was killed in the battle that followed.


Arcturas Sword Side

The Blade of Arcturas

Early lifeEdit

Much of Arcturas' early life is unknown, but it is known he fought Skorpix for control of the Spirit Toa at one point. Arcturas managed to escape with the Toa and badly injure Skorpix in their duel. [2] Eventually Arcturas became friends with Toa Shardak and Nightshade, and formed a small Toa team with them, where he acted as the paternal figure.[1]


Eventually, Arcturas was hunted down and attacked by a group of Copies of Corpse from the Circle. Arcturas managed to hold them off, but was eventually struck by a spear in the side, injuring him mortally. [1] He died with his friend Shardak, whom he offered the Blade of Arcturas, his most powerful weapon. Shardak managed to escape the Copies with the help of Blast. [3]

Personality and traitsEdit

Arcturas was a kindly Glatorian, but also had many strong fighting abilities.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The full extent of Arcturas' powers are unknown, but he was able to control both psionic power, fire, and could manipulate the aura field. [2]


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